Letter To My Husband

Letter to my Husband


The understanding of how unity is presented in the form of relationship—the two into One—is a life-changing realization. The secret is to see both poles of the “shape” of relationship occurring at once, not in a linear progression. For example, instead of seeing life and death as separate events, we can open to the liberating understanding that life is part of death and death is part of life; the two poles are one cycle, not separate events. This is very a freeing vision if you let it sink in

Letter to my Husband

Letter to my husband
Never a moment passes
You are always beside me
For Eternity
Letter to my Husband
You are perfect
We fit
For Eternity
Once in a lifetime
Always in eternity we shall be together
My greatest love For Eternity I was the glory In your eyes You’er my Hero
My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he, perfect 👄

By ace101

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