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MYANMAR: The International Day for the Unreached is June 5 to Hear Story of Jesus

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#AceBreakingNews – Myanmar (MNN) — Who are the unreached?In Myanmar, many people live in dense jungles or remote mountains, largely cut off from the outside world. Most of the population identifies as Buddhist and has not heard the story of Jesus by May.11, 2022

Greg Kelley with World Mission says, “They won’t pass a church during their commute. And they’ve never met a Christian. There’s no missionary, no pastors making them a priority, trying to take the good news there. There’s no access to the Gospel message.”

After the military seized power from Myanmar’s elected government in early 2021, they began attacking civilians. World Mission is caring for about 200 families who have been displaced from their homes. They have provided food, shelter, and the Gospel.

A Third of Us

But what about everybody else? Kelley says, “I think we need to go to all of our churches and talk to those influencers that are on missions committees. Or maybe if we have a missions pastor, we need to talk to them and make sure that we have advocacy for the third of the world that don’t have access to the Gospel.”

Did you know that a third of the world’s population is unreached?  Join groups like World Mission on the International Day For the Unreached, Pentecost Sunday, June 5.  You can find more ways to pray, get involved or just learn more about the prayer movement.

Pray many people would embrace Jesus in Myanmar and in other unreached areas of the world. Kelley says, “Who wants to go into a place where, a year ago, the military took over the country in a coup? I mean, it’s not a place we can really get into. So we need to align and partner with organizations like World Mission and many others who have expressions in those areas.”

“Because the fact that we can’t go there, or maybe don’t hear stories about it doesn’t take us off the hook.”

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BREAKING: Chinese Churches Register for Approval to Pray 🙏 After New Internet Law

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#AceBreakingNews – China (MNN) — China’s new internet law went into effect on March 1, laying out new regulations for internet use – including religious content by April 4, 2022

Header photo courtesy of China Partner.

The law allows only religious groups with government approval to share content over the internet. How has it affected churches so far?

Effect on churches

Eric Burklin with China Partner says, “The pastors are telling us they have applied for permission. And that’s actually part of the law; they have a loophole. That loophole is that each individual, company, organization, or church can actually apply for internet access permission.

Once an organization has received that permission from the government, it can continue on as normal. Burklin says the churches he has contact with have carried out online services and meetings unhindered.

The law could have more of an effect on unregistered churches. But even without the internet, the Church in China will continue to grow. Burklin says, “Jesus promised, ‘I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.’ That promise was given 2,000 years ago. And 2,000 years ago, we didn’t have the internet.”

How to pray

Ask God to strengthen and encourage Chinese believers. Burklin says Chinese Christians have become used to these sorts of restrictions. Ask God to continue giving them creativity

Burklin also encourages readers to pray for leaders in the Chinese Communist Party. “When we hear these reports about world leaders, we get nervous about them. We get angry sometimes, and then we start hating them instead of looking at them from God’s perspective. They are also created in God’s image.

“I think we need to pray for President Xi. Since I’ve done that, I’ve just had a different feeling about him.”

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Solomons Gold NOT His Wisdom

People search but cannot find, but for naught, they know not why they look in here and there and more but still cannot find the GOLD

Though as they seek and look for it they KNOW not the reason WHY its hidden from view for ALL to see as his GREATEST Gold was he that man of WISDOM but nought the search as Knowledge Seekers only KNOW its not the possessions on this Earth but REWARD in Heaven will show.

So ALL those that read this today seek NOT for what you cannot find but 🙏🙏 for KNOWLEDGE like the SAGES of olde, and then you will find it there in your ❤️ where GOD resides with SIGNS to point the way to Peace on Earth one day when people no longer search for the first GIFT given to JESUS(IESU) so long ago and how the story goes so what is a GIFT of Gold is NOUGHT but arguments and WAR so this is said UNTO you search for NOTHING anymore KNOW that God has heard YOUR 🙏🙏‘s and will provide as he did on that day all you NEED AND DO NOT WANT and that’s just because you 🙏🙏

Ultimately, a WORD single WORD of what this means that God In Heaven is looking into your ❤️❤️ this day and knows YOUR WORTH and knows the TRUTH of your desire. So will provide ALL you NEED AND NOTHING MORE is said.



Let Me Tell You About A Man

This is a short story that will have a long ending its about a man born on this earth who was never wearing the right shoes

Oh, l don’t mean physical shoes, but these are spiritual ones, and it was painful for many years as they did not fit his feet, and the soul got very sore indeed

You see this man went into a job after job and he just did not fit as it was wrong oh yes people tried to chamfer off the sides to make him work, but he could feel, that it was right ALWAYS some part of him did not fit

His first job was chosen by his father to suit the fact he would be homeless unless he took the job, and so he did, and it was a ladies hairdresser. This man was still at the tender age of 16, and the man he worked for was not good; he would do anything for money. Watered down the shampoo and watered down the perming lotion, and, of course, paid the price.

Let’s return to the story next. This man, now 18, went to work in a shop selling jeans and t\shirts, and for a while, he enjoyed that, but with a young manager, he soon had to move on to work in a store selling clothing again with two managers this time it was a quality store. Still, the managers were lazy and drank too much – during their 3 hours (lunch hours) This man was too old to become a manager in any department so he was a sales assistant until nearly 21 then things would change, and he got a job in insurance as a collector door to door – by now you are asking did he fit so far NO.

He became an insurance man and collected penny policies and sold the business and was promoted (bright light, you might think), but NO, they just wanted someone to do all the work for others, and so it was time again. This time he was HEAD HUNTED and left and went to another insurance company and bought a book of clients that was paid for by selling and building the book. He worked there for some time and eventually sold it and was promoted to regional inspector and went to help sell for other people and did he fit you now ask NO.

Again he was HEAD HUNTED and went into another insurance company as a Direct Sales Force member to build his team and met a man who would say GOT ANY BUSINESS. Then GOOD MORNING as all this company wanted was BUSINESS & MORE BUSINESS. He knew it was wrong after he had signed a contract and was promised money for Christmas. NOTHING arrived, so he did not leave; he began to use ALL that KNOWLEDGE he had gained. It had taken many years but was growing.

This time he set up a business of his own and had both the job self-employed and his own company and with his team did both until one day that manager turned up at his office and found out, and within a few days, everyone resigned from the job, and all worked for themselves and him. Time progressed, and now it grew to selling finance, loans, and mortgages and moving to a larger office, and now there were 16 with not one owner/director but three its was becoming uncontrollable, but he could not yet realize WHY

As it grew out of control and this man was working 18hrs a day for 4yrs suddenly had PANIC ATTACKS and could not work leaving the business to be run in his absence by people he had employed and was paid very handsomely indeed.

YET THERE IS A SAYING: While The Cats Away, The Mice Will Play

They did, and they stripped the cupboard bare, leaving this man eventually with nothing except DEBT. He lost homes that he helped people to rent cheaply, he lost his own home and had to rent finally and

WHY because this man CARED about everyone, and the people he recruited or worked with CARED ABOUT MONEY – It was now the PENNY DROPPED

He realized that they were NOT like him. He had moved from place to place for years, and to obtain KNOWLEDGE, they WANTED MORE MONEY. So he began to LEARN that people either LOVE AND CARE and SHARE their KNOWLEDGE or MAKE MONEY then and ONLY then are you WALKING the RIGHT PATH, and the SHOES FINALLY FIT as you KNOW God Will Always Provide.

Who is this Man you may ASK well, he was ME, and it took many, many years to KNOW that God Does Teach, BUT In Mysterious Ways, we are told, and LOVE is in the ❤️ when we SEEK KNOWLEDGE, not MONEY



God Knows Best Its How The Story Goes


Every morning we wake up and people say the Sun rises in the East but if the sun did not rise and shine we the people of God would not be able to survive. So l say unto YOU God Knows Best.

We get up and we look for something to eat some are lucky enough to open a cupboard and find something others sadly are not and where does GGOD food come from GOOD earth watered and with sunshine to make it GROW. So l say unto YOU God Knows Best.

We dress in to clothes that should breathe as OUR bodies Breathe made from materials that COME from the Earth and allow us to feel both warm and comfortable in the Winter & Summer. So l say unto YOU God Knows Best.

We come out into the morning light and the sun warms our bodies as we leave the sanctuary we call HOME and leave this place to walk on the ground and see all that surrounds us that was given to us to put a roof over our head. So l say unto YOU God Knows Best.

So as darkness and the temperature changes and the earth cools we should look back on OUR day and 🙏 for others who do not have Food on the Table, Clothes on their Back and a Roof over their Head and then PAUSE and realise that God TRULY Does Know Best.

For those that ask WHY look at where everything came from on OUR earth and you will TRULY will know the answer in YOUR ❤️ from this day and realise God Knows Best.





Silly humans.

We work day in and day out.

Trying to get ahead.

Trying to make money.

Trying to buy all kinds of stuff.

Trying to make our dreams come true.

The problem is that if we are doing all this work outside of God’s will, we “labor in vain.

” We “

keep awake in vain.

” When we try to “build the house” without God, we make a foolish mistake.

Unless He is in the building, it’s not worth having.

Amen 🙏🙏


Who is Right in Todays World ✨

As the world descends into chaos everything is the REVERSE of itself

Of what we believe can BECOME distorted and who we are can BECOME an image of OURSELF we do not like or WE believe WE are RIGHT

So what is our BEST course of action is it to allow OURSELVES to be led by what is in our head OR in our ❤️ well consider this for a second.

Before ALL things began to BECOME distorted MANY knew what to BELIEVE they knew that certain food was GOOD for the mind and the body and they knew it was RIGHT to care about the WORLD

So what changed was it us or was it something else and l say unto l BELIEVE it was us and our WANT to own land or to own and possess all that WE BELIEVE IS OUR RIGHT ✨

Then it easy to be misled and to FOLLOW the WRONG shepherd as so MANY are BEGINNING to do its easier to WALK a CROOKED PATH than to follow a STRAIGHT ONE as so many are doing as people choose their side to support in WAR, not these are BROTHERS & SISTERS and being RIGHT will only leave the INNOCENTS suffering 💥

So then WHO IS RIGHT and WHO WAS RIGHT when the people called on that day so long ago to SAVE a liar, thief, and murderer called BARBARAS and not JESUS (ISEU) ask YOURSELF were they RIGHT and stop looking at being RIGHT except as l did daily l was WRONG

Then one day you will wake up with this WORD in your ❤️ and that is LOVE that l feel not for WINNERS OR LOSERS because there can only be one RIGHT and that is God Is The Word then NEITHER right nor wrong will exist and all that will remain is the TRUTH


For ALL those seeking the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS not for their sake but for his NAMESAKE




God Knows Best Some People Say🙏🙏

Another day dawns and across the world, many wills 🙏 and many will ask for what they WANT and not really what they NEED but l say unto you GOD KNOWS BEST

Did Jesus (IESU) not say there will be wars and rumors of wars and this is NOT the time of my coming and some will be taken and some will be SAVED was this and is this not as WE see and HEAR every day more and more.

So this day l say did God Know Best and my answer is ALL will pass before l come is still not over and some will be in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time and this will only be known by the creator GOD.

You may ask is God in ALL of US l say that l believe God is part of US but UNDERSTAND those who see the world imploding around the US but l say unto YOU listen with your ❤️ and KNOW that God through his only son predicted his coming would not take place until ALL things have passed.

Then will come a time of Goodwill and Satan will be returned to the PANDORA’S BOX from whence he came and PEACE & TRUTH will reign

Be Blessed peoples of the world and give thanks only when this time comes and know that to some and one-day many GOD KNOWS BEST truly will come TRUE in the ❤️ of his people

🙏’s for all those suffering from the slings and arrows of discontent



Healing Love & Light Of God – Amen✨✨✨✨

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

In the beginning God said ‘ Let there Be Light’ oh we have so many read those words or heard them at sometime in our life – Question do we or did we truly understand the meaning of what God said.

I heard a monk from a church say the word of God is by interpretation and my Answer is simple by what or who’s UNDERSTANDING does this make any sense .

Lets for a minute take a simple commandment the word was simple ‘Thou Shalt NOT Kill’ no interpretation needed ‘Thou Shalt NOT Steal’ once again simple BUT Let ‘There Be Light’ then people wonder.

So l ask today WHY do they wonder was GOD said or was it not maybe, or something else well here’s my UNDERSTANDING God said let there be light and there was light and its was the light that lit all of his people. That to me is SIMPLE that for me took a long time to truly UNDERSTAND – I neither tried to interpret just left that to GOD.

I mean for those that believe he said it its SIMPLE leave it to God and for those who do not what happens in the world when everyone is RIGHT – Well look at history Wars, Pestilence, Famine & Sadly Deaths of INNOCENTS so for me it is LEAVE IT TO GOD to shows us the WAY.

AMEN 🙏’s For the Healing Light Of God Be With You Always

✨ ✨