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LONDON: Prince Charles Charity In Cash For Honours Quizzed By MET Police

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This just in from the cutting room floor 18/02/2022:

#AceDailyNews says according to MailOnline News Report: Jonathan Dimbleby comes under fire after launching defence of Prince Charles over cash-for-honours

Prince Charles¿s biographer Jonathan Dimbleby (R) came under fire yesterday after launching an impassioned defence of him over the cash-for-honours scandal (Charles pictured left, 1994)

Prince Charles’s biographer Jonathan Dimbleby came under fire yesterday after launching an impassioned defence of him over the cash-for-honours scandal.

Barely challenged in a BBC interview, the long-time friend and confidant appeared to play down the furore over allegations that an official at one of the prince’s charities had offered to help a Saudi billionaire get a knighthood and British citizenship in exchange for ‘generous’ donations.

Mr Dimbleby, 77, was later accused of sycophancy and of making an ‘insulting’ comparison between the scandal and the Prime Minister’s false claim that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer had failed to prosecute paedophile Jimmy Savile.

The journalist launched his attempted defence of Charles after Scotland Yard announced it was investigating claims that the prince’s former aide Michael Fawcett allegedly offered to help Saudi tycoon Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz upgrade his honorary CBE to a knighthood – and to support his application for British citizenship – in exchange for ‘generous’ donations to Charles’s charitable foundation.

Royal insiders have denied the heir to the throne had any knowledge of the alleged deal, and said he would be willing to speak to police and help their inquiry.

Mr Dimbleby said he found media coverage of the scandal ‘frankly bizarre’. He dismissed coverage that claimed the police investigation was a ‘bombshell’ for the Royal Family as a cynical attempt to sell newspapers. 

Prince Charles biographer compares honours scandal to Savile row

Mr Dimbleby, 77, was later accused of sycophancy and of making an ¿insulting¿ comparison between the scandal and the Prime Minister¿s false claim that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer (pictured left) had failed to prosecute paedophile Jimmy Savile

He told Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘I think it’s extraordinarily unlikely that he knew. I think if he had known he would have immediately taken action about it. 

‘If there has been some scam, some breaking of the law, you honestly think that he would have been party to that? It beggars belief.’

Mr Dimbleby’s friendship with Charles goes back decades. 

He presented the 1994 documentary in which the prince admitted to adultery during his marriage to Princess Diana. 

During his six-minute interview yesterday, conducted by Today presenter Nick Robinson, Mr Dimbleby was allowed to insist that Charles would not have known about Mr Fawcett’s alleged dealings with Mr Mahfouz.

He heaped praise on the prince’s ‘very important work’ with his charities. But he then said that the heir to the throne had no direct responsibility for them, and that their day-to-day work was handled entirely by trustees and officials. 

Mr Dimbleby scoffed at the idea that Mr Fawcett – Charles’s former valet and previously one of the most powerful figures in his court – would have told him about any alleged offer to help Mr Mahfouz with his citizenship or a knighthood and likened the case to Boris Johnson’s slur against Sir Keir, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, over Savile.

‘[Sir Keir] was effectively the chief executive of a large organisation,’ he said. ‘The Prince of Wales is not in that position, he is someone outside the organisation who cares and believes in its work, but is not party to its day-to-day operation.’

He attacked the media – including the Daily Mail – for reporting that news of the Scotland Yard probe broke only 48 hours after Prince Andrew’s out-of-court settlement with his sex abuse accuser Virginia Roberts was revealed.

The journalist launched his attempted defence of Charles  (pictured in London today) after Scotland Yard announced it was investigating claims that the prince¿s former aide Michael Fawcett allegedly offered to help Saudi tycoon Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz upgrade his honorary CBE to a knighthood

Prince Charles makes first appearance since cash-for-honours probe

Mr Dimbleby said: ‘It seems to me bizarre that we should be giving it such attention. The idea that this is some sort of annus horribilis because it’s linked to his brother’s case – there’s no link at all.’ 

Listeners voice their incredulity at the interview, with several accusing Mr Dimbleby of sycophancy and of angling for his own knighthood.

Former Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker said: ‘Whenever Charles is in a corner, Jonathan Dimbleby is wheeled out. Arise Sir Jonathan.’ He told the Mail that it was ‘insulting’ to compare Charles’s position to the Jimmy Savile slur against Sir Keir.

Charles, 73, appeared relaxed yesterday as he hosted a ceremony at St James’s Palace to present Queen’s Anniversary Prizes to universities and colleges.

Clarence House has repeatedly said he had ‘no knowledge’ of the cash-for-honours allegations. Mr Fawcett resigned from his £95,000-a-year role as chief executive of The Prince’s Foundation over the furore. Mr Mahfouz, who is thought to have donated at least £1.5million to royal charities, denies wrongdoing.

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“HEARTS.” a poem for Brian my best friend ✌️

‘Ace News Room With Kindness & Wisdom’

Brian’s heart is pure & good, and Since”God”Is A “HEART READER,”

Brian’s Got Nothing ToWorryAbout; he IS a “spiritual leader;”


Riding on Good Ol’ Handsome, The Horse,

And, as they go from mailbox to BOX,

They’re checkin’ for letters, to find one THAT TALKS.


You just PRESS THE CARD and hopefully have some fun:

THAT CARD says: (pause) “Hi, Brian; you have vio lated,

Federal Laws because you’ve confiscated,

THIS GREETING CARD, so, you’re in BIG trouble.”

So, BRIAN PUTS THAT ONE BACK 🙂 – Yes, “on the double.”

Then, Handsome & Brian go to another BOX; Brian says:”That card wasn’t too good.”

ANOTHER BOX might have a card, youKnow one that would,

Say: “Hi, Brian; this card’s for you; you can give it to your daughter who’s feeling ‘blue,’ Because no one’s sending her cards, and SHE THINKS SHE’S CRAZY,

Because she wants to go check out mail boxes.” Is it ’cause she’s lazy?

Or MAYBE she just doesn’t want to spend money on an expensive greeting card;

She just wants to send one QUICK to her daddy, who’s taking life pretty hard,

Because he THINKS that maybe he failed his sweet girl,

BUT Brian ALWAYS DID THE BEST HE COULD, using the Best neural,

Pathways Or Transmitters he Could Find, and, since His Heart is PURE,,


And for his sweet Daughter too, who’s having an equally hard time,

Negotiating The World, but her pure heart echoes a gloriously similar rhyme:

OF HOPE & Greeting Cards & a daughter And Her Dad,

And mommies and puppy dogs and good Times that we HAD,


AnotherCardSays: “Glad tidings for YOUall TODAY.” (pause) Let’s start,

Only finding greeting cards with a pleasant, loving theme;

As Art(h)ur Rubenstein has said: “Israel,* I deem:

(That) IF YOU’RE GOOD TO LIFE, LIFE’ll be good TO YOU,

And NOT questioning Pure Hearts is a very good thing to do.”


For, following the leadings of PURE HEARTS will yield a glorious rhyme.

– according to Edgar Cayce, the term “Israel” simply means: “SEEKER.”


“FINDING or BEING DISCOVERED BY A WITCH?” a poem Thursday, 11/07/2019

“FINDING or BEING DISCOVERED BY A WITCH?” a poem Thursday, 11/07/2019

Did you know, what’s BEEN called: “patriarchally misogynistic” is a ruse? (pause)

Women ACTUALLY didIT, (pause)

AND THEN usedTHEIRcreation(s) TOblameMEN (pause) Saying: “WOMEN ALWAYS TAKE THE HIT.”

ACTUALLY a “domineering,” “dominating” MAN isAlways a pawn,

Groomed BY MUMMYfeminineMystique to BE MEAN, so women can act upon,

TheFruitsOfDUMMY, like Trump, who act, asPROPERladiesWish, like BEASTS,

While the women just gatherAtCoffee&GiftShops, complaingOf: PatriarchalFeasts,

As they are talkingFretting&eating, SpendingAllThat “InGodWeTrust,” yummy Money,

Acting as if THINGS ARE SO TOUGH, because of men. Isn’t that funny?

Acting as if THEY’reBeingAbused, or you’reWastingTheirTime. “Please, go down there,”

As they’re letting men work (themselves to death), going to shops toHaveTheirHair,

DONE, so they can go to Church and confess their Vaginal, I mean mani FoldSins,

PrayingToTheirFavoriteMANGod, blaming pompousMen, whoSitOnNeedles&Pins.

Oh, YOU LAUGH. OPEN YOUR EYES. It’s not really EVEN in disguise:

“Everything seemsForeverSkewed, soLADIESonTheCuttingEdge canBlindYourEyes,

And BE COMFORTABLE, talking Daddy’s ear off, demanding creample pies,

Are your ears stopped? Well, listen to this: The REAL StoryOfThePrince&thEfrog?

Let’s consider it for a moment, perhaps, sipping on a sweet, fertile egg nog.

Unbeknowst to most, this story was originallypenned by a fairly aware bloke;

IT got changed, forOriginally, a prettyHandmaid kissed a PrincelyStupid COW POKE,

And because of one pretty kiss, said handsome cowboy became a toad;

TimePassed. ThenHe’sHelped byA Witch, who pickedHimUp OffTheSideOfThe Road.

Knowthat WitchesAreExcluded, for knowing “ladies” controLtheChurches&their men.

Anyway, (pause) the witch took pity and turned the toad back again,

To A NORMALLY SILLY guy, and guys usually only respond to a pretty face,

But NOW he knew: It’s the castaway witch, who’s the bestDarnedGal in this place,

To be with AND ADMIRED, even with a beautiful, noble, oft’warted nose,

She also has a beautiful, cackling voice, and willWear simply no clothes,

Releasing pendulous breasts and hips dripping with a natural ooze.

One moral is: “Guys, change your perspective; with a creepy witch you’ll never lose.”

SO FIND YOU A WITCH; she don’t care ’bout no “patriarchal matters,”

OR NewAgeParadigmCrap, knowing that ALL men are just a bunch o’ MadHatters,

We’reJustAlooking for a soft gal to hold, cuddle and (of course) _ _ _ _.

{Moral 2} “IfYouFindYouAwitchWhoLikesYou, YOU FROG, you REALLY happened intoSomeGood luck.

fin <3


Are You Picky About The Type Of People That Follow Your Blog? 😁😁😁

Renard helps us to figure out if we should be deeply concerned about the types of people that follow our blog.

Are You Picky About The Type Of People That Follow Your Blog?

This is Bolg written today may answer some of your issues you may encounter at times, but there are some other thoughts to

And yes you have other opinions too and that’s ok to 😁

Blogging platforms are on public domain

All of the humans are able to read your blog, follow you and remark and that’s ok too

Today Bloggers have Settings you may activate yourself. Aren’t you lucky little people

Some bloggers feel like they are being invaded if you read and like and that’s ok too

What you need to consider why you need to write

Do you know you are able to password each little blog you wish. Look at your settings and hit private. No one can see that unless you issue your gang with an email 💌 password. Also remember you may be divorced eventually 😁😁

Do you understand you may turn your blog into a private blog too in your settings and only invite specific people to engage with you. Then you don’t have followers taking up your time 😁😋

Think of it as your own little social media platform ( be very selective when you create your private corner.🤔 only follow this method if you know folk personally )

Your ” tags” are important tool to find folk with common interest if you only have time to interact with

Authors on creating blogs need to purchase Business 👔 Package includes unlimited Support from WordPress and unlimited Space. These folk are the lifeblood of the Blogging Industry keeping costs down for home users or hobbyists on the platform. I was asked today should you allow Business Users to like your posts or comment! ? 😟 please don’t judge others it’s unkind.

Business Enterprise is affiliates or product vendors. These are Corporations. Yes, of course, they follow everyone they employ people.! Selling in cyberspace is vast.

We love to follow them too.

If your a new kid on the block visit me at when you are lost and share our stuff happily.

Read as many blogs as you’re able WordPress is the Giant Library 📚 in the World 🌎

Seasoned bloggers are here to help you

We were all new kids once

All you need to do in cyberspace is the be kind, gracious, unpretentious.

Kindness is sharing

Bloggers come and go for all reasons.

Many died this year 😟

Thank very one for sharing

Instead of words maybe would be nice to share a heart or two

At the end of the day we are all trying to fit in together 😁

Keep writing 📝 and share a smile 😁

Bloggers use a Pen ✒️ you know and that’s mightier than the Sword 🤔😁

Together, we can make this world 🌎 a home for everyone

We are all brothers and sisters on this magic planet 😁😁😁

Come on bye for hugs, likes and comments whatever you need to make you smile

@acenewsservices @bestofnatureblog

Enjoy our gift to you

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