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Jan.21, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Guardian uses Mr Davis’s quote in its headline, saying he “caused shockwaves” during a dramatic day in Westminster. Mr Johnson’s supporters say he now has the breathing space to fight back – although estimates suggest as many as 30 letters of no confidence may now have been submitted: The paper adds that Mr Johnson is under pressure from Tory backbenchers to “buy their support” by axing the rise in National Insurance planned for April.

Telegraph - 20 January
Tory former minister David Davis is pictured on the front of several papers including the Daily Telegraph, after he prompted gasps in the Commons when he told Boris Johnson to his face he should quit. Mr Johnson’s official spokesman has said the PM will fight any leadership challenge, the Telegraph reports. Speaking to the paper, Mr Davis says Mr Johnson will have to be “dragged out kicking and screaming”, or his party faces a “year of agony”.

Johnson ‘fights on’ but Tory anger builds as Mr Johnson is described as “defiant” by the i newspaper, which says he is clinging on to power “for now”. Following Tory MP Christian Wakeford’s defection, the i reports that Labour is in talks with other potential defectors. And one Conservative ex-minister tells the paper that even if Mr Johnson wins a confidence vote,” he’ll have to keep going through the streets like Henry II being flagellated by the public – I don’t see how that stops”.

BBC News: Staff

Mr Davis was speaking for the nation when he attacked the PM by quoting former Tory MP Leo Amery’s demand for then-PM Neville Chamberlain to “in the name of God, go”, the Daily Mirror says. It adds that Mr Johnson is clinging to power, and its caption alongside a photo of Mr Johnson checking his watch reads: “Time to leave.”

Mr Johnson has been granted a reprieve, reports the Times – quoting one cabinet minister as saying Christian Wakeford’s defection has “totally changed” the atmosphere and “united the party”. But there is mounting concern within the government that Sue Gray’s inquiry will be more critical than expected, the Times adds. One government source says: “She’s genuinely struggling to reconcile the prime minister’s claim that this was a work event with what she’s been hearing from other people.”

The Financial Times said Mr Johnson has secured “a fragile truce with his own party” after yesterday’s drama in the Commons. MPs say Mr Johnson has bought himself time until next week, when Sue Gray’s inquiry into the No 10 parties will finish. But No 10 is braced for more revelations about the parties in the coming days, the paper adds.

The Sun also calls yesterday a day of “extraordinary drama” – but the PM battled through and the plotters have stalled. It has fashioned a pie chart made of a pork pie on its front page in reference to the group of Tory MPs who held talks on the PM’s future and were dubbed the “pork pie plot”. “The scrapping of all Covid laws gave the PM and the nation a big slice of good news,” the paper adds.

“Exit means exit, PM,” says the Daily Star in its thought for the day. On its highly critical front page, it calls Mr Johnson a “lame duck” saying he is refusing to “do the right thing” and quit.

But the Daily Express’s front page gives a show of support to Mr Johnson and urges its readers to get behind him. It reports that allies of Mr Johnson have rallied to his defence, quoting Conservative former minister Sir Edward Leigh as saying to the PM: “For God’s sake, keep going.”

The Daily Mail is similarly supportive – calling the Tory MPs who plotted against the PM a “narcissistic rabble”. “In the name of God, grow up,” it says. But its top story is on a more personal matter for the prime minister, reporting that his six-week-old daughter had badly suffered from Covid. A source said she was now “on the mend”.

Meanwhile the Metro focuses on the ending of the advice to work from home in England. Millions of workers will return to offices today, says the Metro – adding that it is a “timetable back to normality after two years of coronavirus chaos”. The prime minister also announced that mandatory face masks and Covid passes will end next Thursday. Travel rules will also be relaxed soon, the paper adds.

The front pages are dominated by yesterday’s events in the Commons.

The Metro, the Daily Mirror, the Guardian and the online-only Independent all quote David Davis in their headlines, after he told the prime minister: “In the name of God, go.”

The Daily Express puts a different spin on it, saying: “In the name of party unity, go… and back PM!”

The Daily Mail takes a similar approach, urging what it calls “a narcissistic rabble of Tory MPs” to concentrate instead on tackling rising inflation and Russia’s troop build-up on the Ukrainian border. Its headline reads: “In the name of God, grow up!” 

An accompanying full page editorial pulls no punches, referring to the rebels as being “drunk on their own melodrama” and “puffed-up with self importance.”

Wednesday was a dramatic day in Westminster with calls for the PM to quit and a Tory MP defecting to Labour

Some of the tabloids take a more light-hearted approach. 

The Sun takes inspiration from the so-called “pork pie plot”, printing a “pork pie-chart” to illustrate the issues it believes are currently helping and hindering the prime minister. 

The Daily Star uses an image of a rubber duck outside Downing Street to call Mr Johnson a “lame duck prime minister”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson’s spokesman has said he will not quit if a no-confidence vote is triggered, which Mr Davis tells the paper could lead to “a year of agony” for the Conservatives. 

The Financial Times says the defection of Christian Wakeford to Labour has bought the prime minister some time by rallying restive Tory MPs, while the i newspaper claims Labour is in discussions with other Tory backbenchers who are considering joining the party. 

The Times says plotters have pulled back from the brink, but that figures within the government are growing increasingly concerned that the report into parties held during lockdown will be more damaging than expected. 

And the Guardian says the publication of Sue Gray’s report could trigger another wave of no-confidence letters, with an unnamed minister telling the paper Mr Johnson did not have “carte blanche” to continue in Downing Street.

There’s also some reaction to the easing of England’s coronavirus restrictions. 

The Independent says NHS bosses fear the health service is still at risk – it quotes the boss of the NHS Confederation, Matthew Taylor, saying: “Covid-19 has not magically disappeared”.

Kindness & Loveโค๏ธ says take a look at todays cases above and then age group of 5 – 9yrs of age highest case rates

According to the Times, teaching unions are angry that secondary school pupils will no longer have to wear masks in classrooms, accusing the government of flouting its duty of care.

The Mirror’s leader questions the timing of the announcement, saying “it would be a scandal if the move was driven not by science, but by the PM’s desperation to win round Tory MPs”.

The Guardian reports that an unusual new form of government propaganda has been launched in Venezuela. 

A children’s cartoon depicting a superhero named SuperBigote – or SuperMoustache – has started broadcasting on the country’s state television channels. 

The character bears an incredibly close physical resemblance to the country’s leader, Nicolas Maduro, and is often seen protecting citizens from a Donald Trump-like villain. 

The paper poses the question: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Venezuelan propaganda campaign.”

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