The Razor Edge Difference Between Work and Deals

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Just about every internet marketer that I have ever known has worked at some kind of job other than internet marketing before they launched their internet marketing careers.

It is a funny thing about working at a job that pays you for the work that you do. You get into a โ€˜work-equals- moneyโ€™ mindset. After all, when you work for others, work does, in fact, equal money.

But when you launch an internet marketing career the โ€˜workโ€™ that used to make money for you now prevents you from making money.

It is true. The โ€˜workโ€™ that you are doing that you once got paid to do, like answering the telephone, answering emails, filing papers, etc. is actually preventing you from making the deals that will put money in your pocket.

Yet we continue to seek work because we are programmed to think of work as the thing that makes money.

We get stuck in the โ€˜work-equals-moneyโ€™ mindset that is counter-productive to building a successful internet marketing business.

We focus our time and energy on finding work for ourselves rather than on focusing our time and energy on making the deals that will make money for us.

It isnโ€™t hard to see why we get into this โ€˜work-equals-moneyโ€™ mindset. We have been living with that concept since we were kids.

Think about it. What was your first job? Did you cut grass for a neighbor? Didnโ€™t you get money after you had done the work? Of course, you did. He wasnโ€™t paying you to think…he was paying you to cut grass.

When you got older and got a job at the local burger joint, you got paid for cooking hamburgers and French Fries. You cooked the hamburgers and fries and then you got paid. Word did equal money.

The owner of the hamburger joint wasnโ€™t paying you to find a better way to cook hamburgers or paying you to look for a new market to sell hamburgers. He was only paying you for doing the work of cooking the hamburgers.

But now you are not getting paid for doing the โ€˜workโ€™. The work isnโ€™t what is making money for you.

It is true that the work must still be done but you donโ€™t have to look for it. It will find you. What you need to be looking for now are the deals that will make you money.

What Constitutes Work?

What is โ€˜workโ€™? The โ€˜workโ€™ that makes any business work is just the day-to-day activities that must be accomplished for ness to function. Telephone calls must be answered.

Emails must be read and responded to. Files must be kept orderly. The list goes on and on but this is just โ€˜workโ€™.

Nobody is going to pay you to answer the phone, read emails or keep files in order. That is simply โ€˜workโ€™ that must be done. It isnโ€™t making you any money and it most certainly is not what you should be focused upon.

Once an internet marketing business has gotten up and running, it is a very good investment to simply pay a virtual assistant to do the โ€˜workโ€™ and set yourself free to make the deals that make you money and make your internet marketing business thrive.

You canโ€™t do this right away, of course, but you can use as little of your time as possible on mundane tasks.

You can spend hours and hours and hours of your time working on your website….making it better…tweaking this and tweaking that. That is work that is not putting a single red cent into your bank account.

Hire a techie to do that โ€˜workโ€™ for you while you are making deals that make more than enough to pay the techie.

Until you can hire someone to do this work for you, get it fixed as best you can, and move on to the productive deal-making.

How many hours are you spending each day writing and making posts to your blogs? Is this time actually making any money for you?

No, of course, it isnโ€™t. It is just โ€˜workโ€™. It is work that others could do just as well or work that you can find ways to make shorter like by using PLR materials rather than writing every phrase yourself.

Customer service is must be done. It must be done quickly and efficiently and above all competently.

It might even be work that in the beginning at least that you must do yourself.

There are however companies and individuals out there in cyber space that are perfectly capable of handling this work for you and you donโ€™t have to make it harder than it needs to be.

What Constitutes Making Deals?

Yes, the โ€˜workโ€™ must indeed be done, but the work that must be done should be done as quickly and as efficiently as possible and you shouldnโ€™t concentrate your energy on finding and creating more work that isnโ€™t going to make any money for you.

You need to be focusing your attention on making the deals that will make money.

Almost as soon as you possibly can, you should begin to hire people to do the mundane tasks that must be accomplished and free up as much of your own time as possible for deal-making.

So what exactly are the activities that constitute deal making? Briefly and concisely they are the activities that have the potential for putting money into your bank account. A few of these activities are:

Visiting forums and blogs that relate to your niche: Forums and blogs are where you find the real living, breathing people who are YOUR potential customers and until somebody drags out their credit card, puts in their information, and buys products or services from you, you havenโ€™t made a dime so you need to go where the people are and find out how to best serve their wants and needs.ย 

Visit websites that are related to your website. This is where you will find your potential joint venture partners. Contact the webmasters and work on making mutually profitable deals.ย 

Begin your E-zine: This is one of the most potentially profitable deals that you can make for yourself. The longer your list grows, the more profits you can make.ย 

Attend seminars in the brick and mortar world and build good solid business relationships with others in your field. Here again, are potential joint venture partners that you need to take the time to cultivate.ย 

Does This Mean We Should Ditch Work And Focus On Entirely Deals Only?

It would if we could just ditch the work-a-day-work and do nothing with our time other than making the deals that make us money! Now that would be what I would call a perfect world.

Unfortunately, the work-a-day-work must be done and until our โ€˜ship comes inโ€™ we are probably going to be the ones who have to do that as well as make the deals that make us money.

As long as we are going to have to do both we can at least learn how to work smarter. We can learn how to get the same amount of โ€˜workโ€™ accomplished in less time so that we can free up more time for making the deals that will make us money.

Some examples of working smarter are:

Write a FAQ page for your website and use your autoresponder to direct most questions to that site.ย 

Subscribe to a Private Label Rights (PLR) membership website and use that material (with only a little rewrite) as your blog posts and your website content. You can even make whole new products that can be sold from this PLR material.ย 

Earn a schedule for yourself that allows only so much time for the tasks that must be completed that make you no money and allow more time in that schedule for the deal-making tasks that will make you money.ย 

ย Invest in automation software that is designed to take care of simple every day but time consuming tasks.ย 

There is always the โ€˜workโ€™ that must be done each and every day but donโ€™t let it become the object of your focus. Donโ€™t look for work to be done. Work no longer equals money for you now that you are an internet marketer.

Get the work done as quickly as you can and put your focus on the deal-making activities that will add to your bottom line. It is no longer your job just to make hamburgers…now you need to get out there and look for new markets. You ARE getting paid to think now.

By Peace Truth

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