Halloween OR Hallowed Be Thy Name On This Day For A Real Lady 🙏

Happy Birthday 🎉 to our Editor ✨✨✨✨

On a special day like this a little girl was born into the world of Sin and as she entered into the world no one would ever know she would grow up to be a very special lady of KINDNESS one day following the ‘Lord Thy God’ on the path of righteousness……


But even more ‘She Would Be Born Again’ BY ‘The Word Of God’ with the Love of God that comes from her ❤️ everyday that one day a man would come to her to help her on the way to teach and guide her with his LOVE from his ❤️ and too heal ALL her ills to make her ready for the ‘Path She Will Begin To Walk’

My Lady Mary ❤️

Now this LOVE on this day will be with her ALL the rest of her ‘New Life’ not to be of the ‘Past’ but of the ‘Love Of God’ and she would grow in that ‘Special’ LIGHT & LOVE of God providing & Receiving Peace and knowledge of that WISDOM of the WORD …..

So it WAS and so it IS and so it BEGINS again as in the BEGINNING it will be at the END of ALL those days gone by and SHE will rise like a PHOENIX when God has HEALED her with his LOVE to CREATE her in the IMAGE OF FEMALE and then can join the THRONG to celebrate the COMING of this DAY in every way and the reason WHY she was NAMED in Heaven by GOD before she was BORN on EARTH …..

So come you friends, readers, and followers, and let’s ALL celebrate the BIRTH this day of a LADY and a WOMAN who PRAYED for ONE to come and not for HERSELF but for everyone to have PEACE & GOODWILL on earth ……