Ace says …..Brother Will Fight Brother

amen 🙏🙏


Its a world of ‘ War ‘ and many are being fought over being ‘ Right & Not Wrong ‘ but the Truth is it is all about Money ……

Now some will say while others will not some have a little and some have a lot but ‘ Reverse It All ‘ and would that some with a little want a ‘ Lot ‘ will that not make more Money …….

So today in this world will some ‘ Give & Others Take ‘ but ‘ Reverse It All ‘ and that will make those that can ‘ Give Will Not Always Give & Those That Take ‘ Want it All to make Money ……

But in Truth l will say that ‘ War Earns a Lot & Fills Up The Coffers of Nations ‘ but the result of that ‘ Greed That Will Seed ‘ is to plant it into ‘ Shallow Ground ‘ and root it grow and people will sow as they reap as you sow discord and dismay each and everyday but at least you can make lots of Money …….

Now along comes the results of that action to ‘ Want More Everyday ‘ with the ‘ Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse They Do Ride ‘ causing War to bring about Famine leading to Pestilence on the Earth and not as it is written in Heaven that will lead to many dying all for that want for that $ a day and to make more and more Money …….

Now A&M today will say to you All in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth silently 🙏🙏 not for us but ask God and just say show me Oh Lord how not to store up Treasures on Earth but to follow your path that one day will lead Me to Heaven on Earth as God will provide all that we now say when it is time and come into your Heart & Life like A&M everyday…