Word @storyville


There is in My Understanding & Belief two types of Word or in this Words or Word as God is the Word and so many speak with ‘ Forked Tongue ‘ as God is l believe in everyone well that is how my story has gone since God entered My Heart & Life …….

Let Me explain My Understanding of what l just said – Firstly many many people go to church and reiterate ‘ God Is The Word & The Word Is God ‘ and for Me, this is the Truth and has no ‘ Right Or Wrong ‘ so it must be God ……

The other is Words Spoken By Many Many Leaders & People In Their Own Understanding – and this is like in the ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ when the S for Snake said ‘ You Will Be Like Gods Knowing Good & Evil ‘ and it was so as they ‘ Fell From Grace ‘ and hereinafter the five senses were dulled and people were able to Know and have Knowledge of ‘ Good & Evil and the Truth ‘ was shut away from them ‘ Entering The Garden of Eden ‘ and it was said by God at the ‘ Tower of Babel ‘ when he ‘ Confused Language ‘ between the ‘ Word and Man’ and it was so and has been so since that time ………..

Now people are told a time is coming – When all will be washed away and no longer will ‘ You chip Your ankle or have pain in childbirth and work by the ‘ Sweat of Your Brow ‘ but this time must we will be prepared for this time in the ‘ Heart & Mind ‘ and this can come and l believe only when God is ready and the ‘ Plan of God ‘ is in place and as across the world all is changing and that change causes upheaval and for that l as it sent 🙏🙏‘s for shortening the days My elect …….

So on this day l say to All who read this l give 🙏🙏’s for ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ from God in You My People’s and ask to bring You closer l ask anyone to 🙏🙏 and ‘ Give Thanks To God For All That He Provides Daily in Kindness & Lo3ve In Peace & Truth …….