Never judge the love of a woman.

She might catch you in bed with another girl, storm out of the bedroom with tears and leave.

Then you call her several times but no answer, then a few days later you receive her call back.

But my Brother Never think that she can’t live without You!! That girl really loves you.

It’s not some kind of stupidity.

Girls get hurt and sometimes they choose to believe you and think you might change to become a better person for them.

Flowers and expensive gifts won’t make her forget what you once did to her.

That smile she gives you doesn’t mean everything is now ok.

It still hurts inside.

Pain is something we can live with.

No matter how much you break her Heart she always finds away to keep on loving you.

Never take her love for granted.

She might be the last one to give you that much love in your life.

Loving you doesn’t make her stupid but having you to laugh at her makes one.

Love her for real Bro

Guys let’s respect our women and love them for real.


By ace101

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