“FINDING or BEING DISCOVERED BY A WITCH?” a poem Thursday, 11/07/2019

“FINDING or BEING DISCOVERED BY A WITCH?” a poem Thursday, 11/07/2019

Did you know, what’s BEEN called: “patriarchally misogynistic” is a ruse? (pause)

Women ACTUALLY didIT, (pause)

AND THEN usedTHEIRcreation(s) TOblameMEN (pause) Saying: “WOMEN ALWAYS TAKE THE HIT.”

ACTUALLY a “domineering,” “dominating” MAN isAlways a pawn,

Groomed BY MUMMYfeminineMystique to BE MEAN, so women can act upon,

TheFruitsOfDUMMY, like Trump, who act, asPROPERladiesWish, like BEASTS,

While the women just gatherAtCoffee&GiftShops, complaingOf: PatriarchalFeasts,

As they are talkingFretting&eating, SpendingAllThat “InGodWeTrust,” yummy Money,

Acting as if THINGS ARE SO TOUGH, because of men. Isn’t that funny?

Acting as if THEY’reBeingAbused, or you’reWastingTheirTime. “Please, go down there,”

As they’re letting men work (themselves to death), going to shops toHaveTheirHair,

DONE, so they can go to Church and confess their Vaginal, I mean mani FoldSins,

PrayingToTheirFavoriteMANGod, blaming pompousMen, whoSitOnNeedles&Pins.

Oh, YOU LAUGH. OPEN YOUR EYES. It’s not really EVEN in disguise:

“Everything seemsForeverSkewed, soLADIESonTheCuttingEdge canBlindYourEyes,

And BE COMFORTABLE, talking Daddy’s ear off, demanding creample pies,

Are your ears stopped? Well, listen to this: The REAL StoryOfThePrince&thEfrog?

Let’s consider it for a moment, perhaps, sipping on a sweet, fertile egg nog.

Unbeknowst to most, this story was originallypenned by a fairly aware bloke;

IT got changed, forOriginally, a prettyHandmaid kissed a PrincelyStupid COW POKE,

And because of one pretty kiss, said handsome cowboy became a toad;

TimePassed. ThenHe’sHelped byA Witch, who pickedHimUp OffTheSideOfThe Road.

Knowthat WitchesAreExcluded, for knowing “ladies” controLtheChurches&their men.

Anyway, (pause) the witch took pity and turned the toad back again,

To A NORMALLY SILLY guy, and guys usually only respond to a pretty face,

But NOW he knew: It’s the castaway witch, who’s the bestDarnedGal in this place,

To be with AND ADMIRED, even with a beautiful, noble, oft’warted nose,

She also has a beautiful, cackling voice, and willWear simply no clothes,

Releasing pendulous breasts and hips dripping with a natural ooze.

One moral is: “Guys, change your perspective; with a creepy witch you’ll never lose.”

SO FIND YOU A WITCH; she don’t care ’bout no “patriarchal matters,”

OR NewAgeParadigmCrap, knowing that ALL men are just a bunch o’ MadHatters,

We’reJustAlooking for a soft gal to hold, cuddle and (of course) _ _ _ _.

{Moral 2} “IfYouFindYouAwitchWhoLikesYou, YOU FROG, you REALLY happened intoSomeGood luck.

fin <3