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There was a bear 🐻 called Honey now that bear was called Honey – you guessed it because he loved Honey on his Porridge in the Morning for Breakfast 🐻

Now Honey worked in a mine – oh no not like any mine but a Honey mine where he would go every day and mine for Golden Honey which to the little bear, was just like Money and he would use what he mined and of course did not eat to ‘ Share ‘ with his friends Joel (Rat) Shoo She (Cat) and his very very best friend Jasper (The Tiger) and for many many years they were all Happy – Sharing & Caring for each other until one fateful day – Judas turned up and wanted to be friends with Honey and Honey being a – Kind & Generous Bear – Welcomed Judas -who by the way was a – Snake into the fold 🐻

For some days after Judas ingratiated himself with Honey and seeing him ‘ Sharing,’ the Honey for Free thought l can make some Money here and so hatched a plan and met up with the local Judge called Herod and discussed with him how they both could benefit by charging 30-pieces of silver for every batch of Honey – So it came to pass that a law was passed and every creature of creation including Honey would be Taxed 🐻

They all had to go to the Little Town of Bethlehem and arrange for taxation on all goods mined including – you got it Honey and every penny would be used to make their lives better – but of course, with every Judas comes Greed and most of the animals of Creation could not afford the Honey and so as happens everywhere in life – Greed stops Honey mining for Honey as he would have to sell it and nobody could afford 30 Pieces of Silver for each 🍯 container

Meanwhile Judas moves in his people and starts mining all the Honey for himself and his group of renegades and none is left for Poor Honey not a drop as Judas now a very Rich man has even started charging for the jars that Joel (Rat) makes and adding on a delivery charge on transporting it to market that Shoo Shoo (Cat) provides and finally adds an extra charge on retail that Honey’s best friend Jasper (Tiger) provided and slowly as always happens they all had to pay more and more

LO – Up in Heaven God looks down and sees all that Judas is doing and knows ‘ All Things Have Passed ‘ He must help Creation to survive and sends Adam to them to give them guidance on how to defeat the ‘ Evil ‘ Judas and his henchmen and so begins the ‘ Restoration ‘ Adam enters into the world in the ❀️ ❀️ of those that are in Need and God creates for them from that word Need by making it uncorrupted an Eden and into that Eden he put all things Good to Eat and brought all those living creatures damaged by Judas and put a wall around to protect Adam and all his living creation bringing it to one place to be safe and protected forevermore 🐻✨

Outside desolation happens and Judas no longer can ‘ Tax ‘ any creature as they are all safe and protected by God and so has to do all the work himself no longer holding any creature in bondage, hunted or just for sport and as with all thieves, liars, and murderers they fall out with each other and everyone wants to be top dog and eventually the ‘ Evil ‘ is wiped out and all that is left is ‘ Good ‘ now all the cleansing has taken place in people’s ❀️❀️‘s can come to pass with ‘Goodwill & Peace on Earth ‘ and God can remove the wall and ‘Sharing & Caring ‘ can begin once again


Amen βœ¨πŸ™

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