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When God entered my Heart after many many years of trying to understand the world and calling everyone my mate and trusting that everyone was like Me ‘ Kindness & Love ‘ it then it all began to start that ‘ Journey of Understanding ‘ l would learn l was naรฏve and trusted people to easily and they would use me and abuse me until one day a panic attack would befall Me

Then and only then did ‘ God Come to My Aid ‘ oh no God is there all the time but cannot get in until you feel the ‘ Pain of Loss & Heartache ‘ of your soul and need ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ to Your way back from the darkness and the fear

Now many years later looking at that time in ' Retrospect ' God came and picked Me up and carried Me for while ' One Set of Footsteps in the Sand ' not too as there was before a ' Shadow of My Former Self ' that was all that l had become - No longer that person who went around telling everyone l am your ' Friend and Giving Everything Away ' and being ' Robbed Blind every day' then God taught me this valuable lesson and today l just say this to all you reading this ' Listen Not Too What People Say Listen Too What They Do Not Say ' and you will hear the Truth ....Took Many many more years to completely understand and for God to work through Me but one day this took place a ' Miracle in Me ' so let me say unto all that read this today 

Just suddenly l could hear the Truth in Me as people spoke l could hear the words being uttered from their mouths and as l listened l could hear the truth that they did not speak and gradually over many more days it got stronger day by day and word by word and step by step this l must say – l was listening no longer to their word but could feel the Truth in Me and God had provided a ‘ Miracle of the Word ‘ so l could one day understand that it is not what people say but l was ‘ Listening to there Heart ‘ every day

So Now l know the Truth that God wants me this day to write and l cannot be told without knowing when it is a lie and over all those years its no longer just my ears but my heart that knows the Truth when anyone ever speaks and still with ‘ Kindness & Love XX & Peace & Truth ‘ in Me l can now provide ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ to the ‘ Poor in Heart ‘ as that was once like Me


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen