WordPress Needs To Be Stopped


Introduction Firstly, I know I’ve been bad and didn’t post yesterday but I had too much going on. Life happens. And as an entrepreneur/business woman (if the Kardashians can call themselves entrepreneurs and business women so can I!) I have to put my businesses and clients first sometimes. Lol, anyway back to this post and […]

WordPress Needs To Be Stopped

Here we go again. This repost is essential to read as it how writers are confused with all the changes around different countries using WordPress. There you will be able to read examples of thought plus our comments.

WordPress. com community is the best option. Lately, the public has been perplexed by ongoing changes in difficulties Legal Rulings on content, and, of course, payments 💰. Each Country rules on content, not WordPress.

WordPress. org plugins, many not tested, exist solely as scams. For ease of use transfers to WordPress. com to a plan with plugins already attached as standard. No cost and safe. There is a plan for everyone at. Com.

Additionally, ask us questions you have. Thank you all. 🤗


By Peace Truth

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