Wisdom ~

Wisdom ~

Simple caring and simple effort are heroic strivings. Those who have attained wisdom from the difficulties intrinsic to every life – can and should try to be there for others.

Like experienced midwives, we should all assist those who are inexperienced in the painful birthing of psychological maturity and greater spiritual consciousness. This is the least we can do; lead people from their darkness with the light of our caring.

One of the best ways to show our caring is to allow everyone and everything to simply be – through respect. Respect is the universal currency that is accepted everywhere and by everyone.

The answer to so many of our problems is greater understanding and compassion. The power of “getting to know one another” is so immense, eclipsed only by first getting to know ourselves. Carefully question the sources of your deepest animosity toward your perceived enemies, they may not be enemies at all. Many of our conflicts are cultivated between us by manipulation to misdirect our attention and to control us. We are all being played against one-another, and our hate is produced.

Our inner-most truth is love. Anyone can be kind to someone they like, but the real test is can you be kind to people you don’t like? When we become acquainted with any person on a human level, even a great enemy, we begin to see that no person is erent from ourselves. We are all frail-embodied creatures, who at times suffer through injustice, abuse, illness, pain and misfortune. We are all imperfect and make mistakes.

We all struggle. We all feel pain. We all have wishes and hopes. Hate offers the world no hope – only love can do that. Wish for the happiness of your enemies, for if they are happy, they are your enemy no more.

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend” – Abraham Lincoln

We are all very fragile and feel alone at times. We are also very strong and are surrounded by the community at times. Things change, but throughout your life, you are the only constant. This is why you must learn how to treat yourself kindly. Start with one act of kindness at a time – toward yourself. If you want to be respected start with yourself; respect yourself and love yourself. This you can do today even when others will not. How respectfully you treat yourself, is in time, reflected from others more and more each day. It always begins with you.

By being beautiful and kind you are doing your part to create a more beautiful world. When you are kind to people in public you become a force for good, and you are teaching everyone who is watching you. People know love when they feel it; your heart speaks to their heart. People don’t care what you say, only how you make them feel, so try to create pleasure for every person you encounter. If you do this, your life will change forever, along with the lives of those you have touched. We are both thinking and feeling creatures. We must, therefore, devote our lives not only to rationality but also to kindness. There is no greater intelligence than kindness and empathy. Kindness is the supreme intelligence. Let your brilliance be expressed through kindness. If you can be kind to people, you will be a genius in this world.

All things are possible through respect and kindness. Allow these words, my thoughts and feelings, to create within you a new concept of your power – your power of kindness. Accept this transmission like a mind virus or a program to run in your consciousness. As it has been said by so many people, you become your thoughts. You are first and foremost a creator, but most importantly, you are a creator of yourself. Meditate on these concepts and words, and then create a feeling of well-being and amenity within yourself. Develop your power of kindness and then use it to create immense goodwill in your own life, and the lives of others!

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