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Judge Not Thou You Be Judged


This has for many years been the most difficult of all things to learn and oh yes l did learn as the ‘ Teaching ‘ from within my ‘ Heart ‘ made me ‘ Understand ‘ the result of ‘ Judging Others ‘ and without knowing the full story – For this l 🙏🙏 for ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ it as l always say took time and l learned more than l ever believed possible

So today l say unto you – Judge Not Or Bear False Witness against anyone as God Knows All – as l grew and as l changed insight of people l learned one valuable lesson about ‘ Judgement ‘ and it’s my ‘ Ethos ‘ of who l am today –

If you do not want to hear bad of yourself do not speak anything bad about others as it will come back to bite you and you will be judged

Anyway l learned the damage that could do and have many – bites of me to prove it but at the time l thought as so many l know will also have thoughts that – l was being punished and l kept apologizing to everyone without in the end knowing why l was apologizing – then one day as always happens a ‘ Light Dawned in Me ‘ and for the first time l could see ‘ God Judging Someone Else ‘ before me

Its was as if l woke with a different ‘ Understanding ‘ and could see that person being ‘ Judged ‘ you see l had eventually seen the ‘ Light & God Lifted Me’ to see in all the people ‘ Judgement ‘ is made by God every day of our life


By ace101

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