Caring @storyville



For many many years l worked in the ‘ Care Industry ‘ l call it an industry because honestly all that mattered was money

Now l being Me l would always even as a child work things out for myself well that is what l thought but of course many years later l knew as l now do it was God in My Heart

So here’s what l Worked Out: The people who were being cared for many received benefits from taxpayers who were carer’s who were caring for them daily and paid tax and that money was distributed to people who could not afford their care to private care homes who would charge fees of thousands every month. Now they paid carers a pittance to work at least 40 hrs or more and these owners of homes made millions and grew until they were many more and then along came a pandemic and everything started to change and carer’s no longer wanted to work in an industry that had never cared about them and many are now leaving and many will never return to a job that took such caring and working all hours that they did just to afford a place to live and provide for their family

Now l say unto this day – this to Me was not ‘ Caring ‘ or providing Kindness & Love but in Peace & Truth l say to You this was God in My Heart teaching Me – How to be Loved by providing all that l could until one day it was time for me to leave and l packed up my bags and left the job of gaining that Knowledge of Kindness & Love

Now their is a moral to this story as only a few years later my mother fell ill and l became the carer and had all that knowledge and still do to be able to care and provide for my mum as organise her care – So its not always the money or job that God wants Us to do in our Life but God has a Plan and being part of that Plan l needed to Know how to Love and as my mother and father had not shown Me that path God knew l needed ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ as l was ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ you see and so God took Me into the ‘ Care Industry ‘ to teach Me how to become a ‘ Loving Son ‘ that one day would become the carer of my mother until she died you see – So with Kindness & Love XX in Peace & Truth that was now in Me you see as those words of long ago spoken by Adam to Me as he said ‘ God Wants Your Mind & Voice ‘ l gave them readily and then he added but ‘ First He Had to Put Love into Your Heart ‘ this part l forgot until now l write and it all makes sense this was the Beginning of Me