I know that you want to share everything with me, but my favourite is the love you shared. I function superbly because of you, my senses are sharper, and my heart beats a little bit faster.

You should love me without any limits, without any fear, without changing me, and without any demands.

The most beautiful dream I ever had in my life is when I loved you.

Just a simple sound of your voice is enough to make me tingle all over, and just one look from those beautiful eyes could make me go crazy.

We always think that love is magical. Yes, it is, indeed, but magic is also just a fantasy.

A coward is the one who, without any permission, touches a woman. Our appearance might change our personality, but only the best behaviour could change your life.

I do not want to live without you, so if you would live for a hundred days, I want to live for only ninety nine.

You have made a home inside my heart and you have grown there. I know that we would never be apart.

If one smile from you to me could be transformed into stars, then I might as well be holding up the entire sky.

There are no standards when it comes to love.

It happens for everyone regardless of age, gender, and race.

It happens to all. The meaning of a beautiful life for me could never be equated in words.

I will just lean my head on you and smile at them.

Cherish and love the people in your life while you can, for you cannot say when their time would be up and they would leave you for good.

I love you with all the life I have inside of me, from every tear I shed to every smile I beam.

Even blindness seems like a good option if I cannot see you anymore. I would rather be mute than never say to you that I love you.

Deafness is much more preferable than not hearing anything from you ever again.

I do not want to leave this world because I know that you will be sad.

But I would rather die if that would mean that I could watch over you.

I may not able to change your life completely, but I just want you to know that you have changed mine towards the better.

I do not want to see you cry ever.

I do not want to leave you forever.

Just know that the day that I will leave you would be the day that I would die.

The coldness of winter is swept away by the warmth of your hand, the summer heat is blown away by the coolness of your breath.


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