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We’re all guilty of getting this wrong sometimes.

You think you’re being nice by acknowledging someone’s weight loss, only to receive an awkward response of “I’m still the same as before, but thanks anyway.”

Worse, you’re accused of pointing out just how fat the person used to be before slimming down.

Not sure whether to gush or not?

Here are nine tips on how to artfully deliver a compliment without offending (almost) anyone.

Weight Loss Real Talk: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Say

  • Leave out the word “weight.”
    The word “weight” is so loaded with negative meanings, you’re always safe using the more generic “You look great,”
  • “It can be a double-edged sword. People might hear ‘You’ve lost weight as ‘You used to be fat,’” she says.🤗

To make his compliments go the distance, on acknowledging whether someone looks “fit and healthy.” “I don’t want to assign too much value to be thin or fat, especially if they gain back a few pounds,” he says.

  • Ditch the disbelief.
    Perhaps you really can’t believe your friend shed 20 pounds. Still, temper your enthusiasm. “Don’t say, ‘I can’t believe how good you look!’
  • “Think about what you’re saying: ‘I can’t believe you did this!’” That’s not exactly empowering now, is it?
  • Don’t remind them how far they’ve come.
    For most, the worst compliment is hearing: “You’ve lost too much weight! You look so much better!” Even if it’s true, he says, “I don’t want to think that I was walking around for a long time looking like hell.”

Don’t disguise it as a concern, either. She was offended when a few people said: “I didn’t want to say anything, but”

“I interpreted it as though I’d gotten too heavy for own my good. I knew I was that fat, but I don’t want to hear about it,”

  • Be a good role model.
    You can’t expect someone to receive a compliment graciously if you can’t make one yourself.
  • Create your mutual admiration society by looking your commenter directly in the eye and saying “thank you” as you mean it.
  • “Be thankful that you have people offering you the gift of kindness and positivity,”
  • “Bask at the moment. Thank them for caring enough about your efforts to change your life for good.
  • ” Then gush away!

By @peacewriter51

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