Humility ~

“HUMILITY” a poem Sept 15, 2019 (Sunday)

You’re going outside; go ahead, turn the knob,

You might hear “Good bye,” but you need not sob,

Although you may not return to this familiar room,

It’s humility to acknowledge this fact: “The next moment may be your doom.”

So, with gratitude and humility, GO IN PEACE,

And WALK HUMBLY for life can cease,

OR CAN CONTINUE with a wave of The Hand,

Of some unseen force, which rules The Land.

You are but clay, molded? well;

You can make your life as smooth, I tell,

YOU or as desperate as you, you might choose,

You can drown your sorrows in tears and booze,

But (KNOW) too much fluid poured into YOU,

Will dissolve your sinews of your dusty crew,

For your body’s JUST ATOMS , just dust and water,

Molded SOME HOW as a son or a daughter.

So, walk very humbly, each and every day,

And occasionally KNEEL on your clay knees AND PRAY.

For each day’s a gift so purse your lips,

As your little pottery body ERODES & chips.

fin ♥

    By ace101

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