God Needs YOUR Mind, Body,❤️ & Soul 🙏

God Needs YOUR Mind, Body,❤️ & Soul 🙏

God knows our very ❤️’s desire some say desires but as their is only ONE God by any other name ……….SOME 🙏 too DAILY and with the Commandment …Love Thy God With ALL Of Your Mind & Voice we are set FREE of the SIN in the ❤️ daily………

Now our Mind that God Wants Is Full Of Knowledge that can be used by God to help and guide people in NEED who are POOR in ❤️ so with US created in the image of God we are able to provide LOVE & UNDERSTANDING to others from our ❤️ daily ……….

Now our Mind can be full of Love & Understanding or can follow the WRONG path and not the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS FOR HIS NAME SAKE but we have to be HEALTHY in Mind, Body ❤️ & Soul to enable God to provide from his children to people POOR In ❤️ daily …….

We are as children in the WILDERNESS who at many times lost our way on the ‘Path of Righteousness’ but by HEALING the Mind, Body ❤️ & Soul as one being we can truly become a ‘Child of God On Earth’ and do thy will with KINDNESS & LOVE❤️ daily………


Amen ❤️
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