Ace says …..If Music Be the Food of Love

amen 🪔🪔

Skip along with the daffodils 🫠🫠

Music will feed the ‘ Soul ‘ and provide you with ‘ Love ‘; it will fill you up and make you ‘ Smile ‘ and ‘ Happy ‘ like A&M always…..

It brings into your Heart & Life that one. You will Adore it. It puts that ‘ Spring into Your Step ‘ not once like A&M always…….


If ‘ Love is All You Will Ever Need ‘ then l say this to you to be just like A&M just ask God to enter into Your Heart & Life and bring the ‘ Love of God ‘ to sing in you forever and evermore ……

Then when God hears you silently 🙏🙏 just like A&M, God will wait until that day, and this we say to you All in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth, ask for nothing just like Us, you will hear the ‘ Food of Love ‘ echo in Your Soul like A&M will play on into eternity …….