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An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.🙏🙏🙏

Today it is all about ‘ Peace & Calm ‘ and how lives today is all about running too fast to reach a goal or achieve all that people ‘ Want ‘ and not ‘ Need ‘ that is how My story went in My life before God came into My Heart this and everyday ……..

l Am now Calmer and Peaceful in My Heart & Life as first l had to be Taught to slowdown and as l was Learning l was being showed that in My Mind then in My Voice given to God in My First Commandment l was taught to became calmer day by day in all that l did and it was so ……..

This calm proceeded into everyday life and as l was ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ l became full of the ‘ Riches of Life ‘ that God provided and as it grew in Me l was able to eventually see that it was becoming part of Me in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul and this l could impart to Thee and all that l was once Be had gone from Me and l was able to See that l was that ‘ Image of Me ‘ that God always Wanted Me to Be and it was so ……

So let me say to You People’s who want to be ‘ Calm ‘ in Your life try not to do too much but do a little less and above all 🙏🙏 daily and say ‘ Thank You Lord God ‘ and then one day You feel calm in Your life and know that You will know in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth all will be this word that is Me and then You will see that just like Me you are Teaching people that are ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ to become calm and peaceful in Your life …….


By ace101

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