Breaking @storyville

For many years l was not involved in ‘ Reading News ‘ in fact l found it quite ‘ Heart-Breaking ‘ it was written to evoke a response and it evoked many responses from Me – Anger – Sorrow – Laughter – Sorry – To name but a few but just to say Feelings

But God had a purpose for Me a reason for Me to become able one day in My Heart to provide the News as it Happens across the World and so many many years ago l started surfing the web – l mean to Me surfing was all about ‘ Water and a Board on the Waves ‘ that people’s was How Naive l was – Oh l understood that people used the internet and that at the time it was a method of using a phone line on ‘ Dial Up ‘ and that is how it started for Me

Now l called this blog post ‘ Breaking ‘ – l suppose l should have said News but l knew that l was a ‘ Knowledge Seeker ‘ and wanted needed to provide best possible information to people and above all the Truth – But in the beginning, the Truth eluded Me l read many thousands of emails signing up for every news provider l came across following every link and yes clicking it and learning as God was teaching Me

A few years later l was just Beginning to Understand l was a ‘ News Provider ‘ some call ‘ News Hound ‘ looking and searching for not the News only but the ‘ Breaking News ‘ and it took a lot of work finding what was the Truth and people l found had there were many versions of the Truth and l learned ‘ Nobody Was Right or Wrong ‘ now this was ‘ Breaking News ‘ – l suppose l should say My first Breaking News and l realized that it was simply an interpretation of facts and eventually the subject line very often bore no resemblance to the article or post l was reading – So l set about writing my learning and being taught as always by the hand of God – Yes l call it that as l found what l wrote came through Me, not from Me – Let Me Explain

Some people write from the Head and others write from the Heart and up to that second l wrote from My Head – l suppose l should call it My Mind (well God had asked through Adam for My Mind) so he must have had a purpose and that was l learned to use My knowledge and then one day this day it would come through Me not from Me and so it did and here l am today writing to you Readers about How l got Here and that is Breaking with Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth