Twins @storyville


We are one many people who are twins by birth say and that they can feel another person when they need help well l believe that began with God naming his children in Heaven both Male & Female and then sending them down to Earth but they fell from grace in the Beginning and thus is all went wrong – So God waited for the time when all can be pout right with two souls – two twins in perfect harmony – Twins brought back to Heaven

So it was and has been for many many generations whilst people await their ‘ Understanding of the Second Coming ‘ and what this will mean to the World

Well l say unto You all that can feel this in Your Heart – Time is Short For Mankind’s Rule – and l have felt this more and more over last days of past years as all things begin to pass as Jesus (Iesu) said before l come and these changes are indeed taking place on this Earth – This home that God gave Us to have as ‘ Roof Over Our Heads ‘ and for Us to have ‘ Domain Over The Birds Of The Air & Fish Of The Sea & Animals of the Fields & Everything That Crawleth Upon The Earth ‘

So a Time l believe is Coming this Second Time for it to be put ‘ Right ‘ no more ‘ War & Destruction ‘ only ‘ Peace & Good Will ‘ to be provided in Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth and for those two Twins in Heaven to become as one once more and to Begin it All Again


By ace101

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