Amen @storyville


This is a truly ‘ Special Word ‘ in Me – l say in Me as it is and has been burned into my Soul ( Persona) and Person l Am Now for Eternity after God entered into my Heart so long ago

Some people say it many times a day – others with the ‘ Lords Prayer ‘ but for Me, it My Honour to God who came to Me when l was in Need – Picked Me up and Healed my wounds of ‘ Slings & Arrows ‘ of discontent of the people in the world – Made in their Image

This word of God ‘ Amen ‘ means to me a ‘ Promise Made ‘ will be kept by Me and as with so many in today’s world – Keeping a Promise is to make it easier for those who make it and change to become understood in their Image

But l say this unto You this day ‘ Amen ‘ – Means So Be It – It’s like signing a letter or contract of ‘ Promise ‘ but this is to God in Heaven not Man or Woman on Earth so l say before adding Amen to your 🙏🙏’s – Remember its You making a Promise to God – Your Creator in Heaven

So l say in Kindness & Love with Peace & Truth as a Promise to You reading this today and every day as my ‘ Promise ‘ to you



By ace101

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