Senses @storyville – l Can Feel

God needs you to understand ๐Ÿ™

For so long after l lost my dad l could not feel anything but anger – oh no it was not like anger you want to hit someone it was deep inside like unanswered questions and l did not want to feel that in Me that had been put there by my dad

People say that when you lose someone you need to grieve – when l lost my dad it took 14yrs to shed a tear to even feel anything as before that my frustration was ‘ Bottled Up ‘ – Questions would just go round in my head and this would remain for the next 6yrs until God came into my Heart – Oh no not like a thunderbolt or bright light like Paul entering Damascus but a ‘ Silent Voice ‘ of calm so l could hear the ‘ Word in Me ‘ l Am Here to Help You the voice l heard said

Now this first ' Shocked Me ' l mean Me this l know and still know that was God calming Me and over the next many many years all those Questions would be answered in a way l could never have imagine and so really my journey had begun with God who would became my guide and me the pupil and so l began to learn still not able to feel but then ' God Moves in Mysterious Ways Wonders to Perform ' - Now let me say this many many things would take place in my life and all l know is that it was ' Step By Step & Word By Word ' as l learned getting to any destination too soon would mean l missed the reason for the next step and so first l had to slow down become calmer and pass through ' Want Into Need ' learning that this would one day teach me ' Feelings ' and distinguish the difference that has become my most valuable lesson of My Life 

Years past and questions were answered in me and every ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ l asked was answered and never angry did l become as it was like a Father should be with a Child in Me with Kindness & Love XX and Peace & Truth – God made Me – it was many a year ago and many seconds of time have ticked by and much have l learned and all this l can say to you who now read my word – This was Me that God Wanted Me to Be and now l can see and feel – oh no it was not easy and much pain l have felt as l travelled the path with thee – But when asked by anyone would l ever change and go back – My answer is simple and that is now plain to see ‘ God is My Father & God is Love ‘ and that is all l want in Me