I Am Back

I Am Back

How often on ‘ Social Media ‘ do we say to a friend – I will be back and never get a chance to get back to them – we so often mean to but something more important crops up and we never do – that is how easily you can never find out when someone truly has need

For me as with so much of my journey in ‘ Life ‘ it happened not just on social media but walking down a road or making a phone call and you say l will ring you back or pop around this kind of friendship is not what l call best friends but these people you say it too – You make a ‘ Promise ‘ and somehow life takes over and you forget – well today l say unto you ‘ God Never Forgets ‘ he is always in your Heart – Waiting for that – Second you keep that ‘ Promise ‘ and never more so when that person just has ‘ Need of a Kind Word ‘ a simple l Am Here – then they ‘ Know ‘ it has not come from you but directly from your ‘ Heart ‘ from God

Such times like me are bad times and like me, l had a few l now call ‘ So-Called Fair Weather Friends ‘ what l mean are those you knew that ‘ You Gave Everything & They Gave Nothing ‘ when You truly needed their help they ‘ Promise ‘ but do nothing.

Then all you have as l did is God with you its like a ‘ Light ‘ very quiet and very calm but ‘ Grows in You ‘ until it so bright it blinds you and ‘ Suddenly ‘ You are not alone anymore even at the bad times but your ‘ Faith ‘ – That lock has finally found that Key – Belief not in God but yourself and in so saying it you can ‘ Feel ‘ that ‘ Love of God ‘ pouring into you giving you ‘ Warmth of Your Soul ‘ making you feel ‘ Safe & Protected ‘ from the ‘ Slings & Arrows of Discontent ‘ and never having to rely on ‘ Fair Weather Friends Ever Again ‘ as God knows those with ‘ Kindness & Love ‘ in their Heart who bring ‘ Peace & Truth ‘ and then you can truly say to those you have made that ‘ Promise ‘ – I Am Back as God will keep it always in You as You made it in them

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