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All work for awakening and enlightenment is work on mental and emotional health & well-being. The historic Buddha spoke of the need to alleviate suffering. This points directly to our inner harmony. All the truly great masters teach us to quiet the mind and still our emotions to a point of peaceful equanimity.

Yet, often innocent people in their quest for spiritual wholeness are harmed by the quasi-spiritual teachers, gurus, or groups they join. This is why i encourage you to look deeply into any organizations you may wish to join to be certain there is not a history of abuse in any form.

in truth, it is the very mystique of the ancient wisdom traditions that attract dubious people who claim to be teachers or gurus. So many innocent people have been drained of their finances, their emotional well being and many have also have been sexually abused by these rampant charlatans.

I cannot stress enough the need to be proactively self-protective from the possible harm of pseudo-teachers, false gurus, hidden schools, and other forms of new-age groups. Do not allow anyone to steal your virtues or your money.

With my book, I notify people to be very cautious with their life in their studies of spirituality and the various esoteric wisdom traditions.

One of the seekers, I met had relatively serious mental health and emotional problems. Some were so deeply disturbed that they were abusive to innocent students. And many of these toxic people were in positions of power as part of an artificial hierarchy. This is counterproductive to the innocent seeker.

I especially encourage you to research any new-fangled groups, teachers, or gurus that you are interested to study. The primary reason I caution people is that many who seek any spiritual and ancient wisdom are so “enchanted” with the ideas in their hopes to gain enlightenment, that they are completely “blind” to potential harm from charlatans.

This is a steep learning curve that one must work on to understand the potential harm that may befall one who seeks so-called “spiritual” and or “esoteric knowledge.”

This is why I wish to make everyone aware that your mental health and emotional well-being are paramount in your quest for higher truth and spirituality.

I only suggest reputable organizations that you can research to be sure they are safe for you. For example, you can check out the “Oxford University Center for Mindfulness” in England or the “San Diego University Mindfulness” in Southern California for ideas of what to look for.

Not everyone can go to Oxford, England, or San Diego, California, but if you look at their websites, it will give you an idea of what “Mindfulness” is truly all about. And, these classes are taught by qualified psychologists who understand mental health issues and strive to help people with mindfulness.

Certainly, there are wholesome local meditation & mindfulness groups you can find in yours. But, please check their history to be sure there is no hidden history of abuse. I once went to what I thought was a safe group and was almost immediately approached by a man who had a very dark agenda. I left & never went back.

The term “mindfulness” is derived from the 5,000-year-old Sanskrit word “smrti” and also the Pali word, “sati” ~ both translate as “to remember.” Clearly, in mindfulness, one is striving to be present at the moment to attain higher states of awareness and higher states of consciousness.

This is a long post to end the week, but I feel it is imperative to caution innocent people to be proactive about self-protection with regard your spirituality. Your mental health & emotional well-being are at the core of your awakening.

Your true path to enlightenment is already within you. I wish everyone a peaceful awakening.

By @peacewriter51

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