We are all damaged. We have all been hurt. We have all had to learn painful lessons. We are all recovering from some mistake, loss, betrayal, abuse, injustice or misfortune. All of life is a process of recovery that never ends. We each must find ways to accept and move through the pain and to pick ourselves back up. For each pang of grief, depression, doubt or despair there is an inverse toward renewal that will come to you in time. Each tragedy is an announcement that some good will indeed eventually come. Be patient with yourself.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi

Don’t deny yourself of your own experiences, no matter how tragic or painful they were. They belong to you. When you cover-up your pain within yourself, you are suppressing your best chance to grow. Respect your pain and honor your pain. Those scars are your stripes and badges of honor. Those injuries are a part of your sacred story. Don’t hide from your truth. It is in what you have hidden, that you will find what you have been so desperately seeking. In the heart of your deepest wounds and losses is the essence of your greatest hope. What you thought of as dreadful or shameful was always your greatest treasure, for it has cultivated your deepest understanding. Your pain has brought forth the pearl of your wisdom, compassion and strength. Be proud of who you are.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen – Selected Poems, 1956-1968

All beautiful things carry distinctions of imperfection. Your wounds and imperfections are your beauty. Like Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold, we are all perfectly imperfect. Breakage and mending are honest parts of a past which should not be hidden. Your wounds and healing are a part of your history; a part of who you are. Every beautiful thing is damaged. You are that beauty; we all are!

By ace101

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I soon discovered I like poetry and reading and the more I read,the more value I add to myself therefor share to others. True, the light gets in through cracks and like kitsungi beauty reveals in the broken mended.

How lovely. Reading is very addictive. Poetry is intellect we crave! “Words” are fragile like petals on a rose.πŸ’« Bloggers are brilliant who needs books from a library πŸ“š. We are all privileged to read unique words. Shalom, πŸ’« I spend hours reading and forgetting to blogs! Lately thanking folk for sharing wonderful thoughts, history, news all in one place consequently, the hours fly with me head stuck on a device enthralled. The world of my secret life is secret no more 😁😁😁

I had to submit the comment in bits since your textbox doesn’t allow long comments. 😏

Oh my goodness gracious me, what next with WordPress? My apologies. Don’t wait from WordPress I think πŸ€” that staff is swimming 🐠 in the ocean. I have been trying for weeks to get help from WordPress. Let’s say no comment. This blog did split or bloated. No tech advice. All those payments. Business plus costs. We are so frustrated. Yet more increased costs arrived? πŸ€”

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