Blessing @storyville

l, feel so blessed that God came into My Heart and brought You well that is how this story of My life goes ……….

When l 🙏🙏‘ ed so long long ago l asked to be loved by someone who would love Me for who l am and God came and entered My Heart and My Life and that is how this story went – As days passed and nothing seemed to change and l grew in Teaching as God provided the ‘ Word In Me ‘ l felt Blessed and that ‘ Love That So Long Ago Abandoned Me Or So l Thought Returned to My Heart ‘ and as the ‘ Love of God ‘ that passes all Understanding began to make more Understanding in My life l felt ‘ Blessed ‘ and that was how this story grows …

Then one day he brought to Me – You someone who personifies Kindness & Love who was with the world becoming introverted with all the ‘ Slings & Arrows of Discontent Was Poor In Heart ‘ and You like Me Lifted & Brought into My Life and from that day My story and My journey change as l knew God found the other part of Me in You and You in Me and that is how this story is being written …...

So each day l wake and say in ‘ Thought Then Word Then Deed ‘ l am ‘ Blessed Oh Lord ‘ and feel that more today and so l say to All You who read this ‘ Book of My Life ‘ just never know and just 🙏🙏 each and everyday and never ask for anything but just to be ‘ Loved For Who You Are Each & Every Day ‘ and in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth l say ….


By ace101

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