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While Luke wrote over 25 percent of the New Testament, the idea that Luke was a Gentile is speculative and wishful thinking by Gentiles. The evidence indicates that Luke was a Jew:

  • Luke was a constant companion of Paul. He traveled with Paul to the Temple where only Jews were allowed.
  • Luke had an intimate knowledge of the Temple and its workings.
  • Luke’s close relationship with Mary would have been unlikely if Luke were a Gentile (Luke 2:19).
  • Paul’s false arrest for bringing a Gentile into the Temple (Acts 21), Luke was with him, yet it’s Trophimus who was charged as not being a Jew, not Luke.
  • This list in Colossians 4:10-11 which names “some of the” circumcision who were with Paul, don’t mention Luke… but then it’s only “some of the circumcision” not a complete list as Tychicus and Onesimus are mentioned previously, but not mentioned in verses 10 & 11.
  • Luke’s Gentile name is of no consequence, as Paul, Aristarchus, Marcus, and Justus who were mentioned in verses 10 & 11 all had Gentile names.
  • Paul in Romans 3:1 states the oracles of God/Yahweh were entrusted to Jews.


The author of Luke-Acts is never even named. It is a tradition that it is Paul’s companion Luke that wrote it and this tradition makes the most sense of the text. This same tradition surmises based on other data that he was most likely a Gentile “God Fearer” ie. one who is not quite a convert but not a Gentile living a pagan life either. The modern scholarly opinions range from God Fearer to Hellenistic Jew to Full Convert.

Honestly, it’s irrelevant, and going on a diatribe about how he “definitely isn’t a Gentile” isn’t fully knowable and helps no one. Who cares what his ethnicity is, are we not supposed to be one in Messiah? Doesn’t the Word say that there is no Jew or Gentile, meaning there is no value difference between the two? Ruth and Rahab, mothers of the faith and the Messiah were both Canaanites, are they lesser because of it? No! Lay off the ethnocentric rhetoric and embrace the God who brings together those near (Jew) and far (Gentile).

We believe that all people on earth are ‘ One’

History 📜 is already written

How blessed are we to read history written for our knowledge

Give thanks to the Lord for these Scholars who lived long ago.

Sacred are Bible entries

The Bible is a treasure trove of scared knowledge

What is a Home without a Bible I ask myself

Reading is a gift from God

Has your home a Bible?

Did you build a home without a building plan!


Families need a plan too

A Bible is your Family’s Plan of life created for you called the Bible.

Some will read bits and pieces, some will be overwhelmed, some will be curious, don’t forget we are not philosophers.

Remember that home building recommendation, what did you do you hire someone who was a licensed builder and that’s ok too.

You send your children to school to learn 🎓

The Moral here:

The family is created by you, a Bible in your Home is your gift to encourage a solid atmosphere of growth

Blessings 🙏

By Peace Truth

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