Ben. H. English ~ Author ~ Alpine ~ Texas – America 🤠

Ben H. English ~ Author ~ Aphine ~ Texas ~ America 🤠


Many have asked via email, text, PM or my Facebook page about my recent interview by Tumbleweed Smith, and how one might be able to listen to it. Some even obtained copies for themselves and offered to share with me, while others volunteered their services in converting these copies into a more common format.

But before I could do any of this, I needed Tumbleweed Smith’s permission. After all, The Sound of Texas is his intellectual property and a brand that he has worked very hard for over the past fifty plus years. I think we can all appreciate his efforts in doing so, as in this he is preserving the culture and history of our Lone Star State.

Well, I made contact and in his usual stellar, personable fashion he not only gave me permission to share but also his blessing in doing so. Thank you so very much, sir, for the go ahead and for being the man you are. Folks, if you ever get the chance to meet this gentleman, make full use of it. People like him do not come around very often.

And while I am on the subject, I want to personally thank each of my readers and friends who offered to help in this. You are appreciated.

Finally, a special note of thanks to Catherine Eaves, who put the interview into form to reach the widest possible audience. Catherine is also one of my advance readers and has been a great help to me, as well as my writing.

The link is:

Now, a word about this week’s photograph.

This was taken about two years ago in the Tornillo Basin of Big Bend National Park. The exact spot was just north of the creek bed itself, near the Black Peaks gravesites. Or the ‘Pantheon de los Tres Negritos,’ as some term it.

When tourists stand at the Fossils Exhibit and gaze across the Black Peaks flat, very few have any idea of how much history lies before them. The Black Peaks, or ‘Tres Negritos,’ are actually quite small in size and appear as heaps of dark volcanic soil left by some sort of gigantic dump truck.

But what they lack in visual impressiveness is more than made up by their actual importance.

As far as natural history, the fossilized remains of numerous dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals long extinct have been unearthed in this general area. That would include Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying animal of any type to date. Quetzalcoatlus was discovered in this immediate area in 1971.

There is also the history of man here, as the creek acts as one of the three major arteries for available water in the lower Big Bend. Hidden from view are the residues of old wells, fence lines, corrals, dwellings, roads, trails and even the remants of a fairly good-sized candelilla wax plant. There is also the aforementioned Black Peaks burial site, which are not the only graves to be found on this flat.

This land is rich with geological and archaeological portals that lead in every direction, and each one will take you to a different place and era.

It is a time tunnel for the curious…

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