AIDS Was Never A ‘Gay Plague’ and Long Covid Is Never ‘Just A Cold’

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(Contains mention of Long Covid experiences and suicide as well as Covid-19 fatalities) On New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 I partied (as on many previous occasions) with friends at the historic south London LGBTQ+ drinking establishment The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. On this occasion however, there was an underlying tension that manifested itself in nervous laughter and […]

AIDS Was Never A ‘Gay Plague’ and Long Covid Is Never ‘Just A Cold’
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A must read

Being an avid reader of anything I don’t understand opened my eyes to the suffering of humans that survive lifestyles associating with health needs. I am sharing this post with care and peace.

Here at Peace & Truth, we facilitate without opinions solely to inform people we care about to be read or to open the Pandora’s box of misinformation.

This Author is creditable. He is a gentleman sharing his life with us all.

I hope this post opens you up to lives different from yours and respects the Author of this post retains his dignity.

Open your hearts to this brave heart.

Would I have walked in his shoes to write his own life? I am a non-entity. No nothing, but I do go over all great writers’ blogs to learn.

Please share this post with others. Great job, congratulations. I learned something new today. Thank you, Sir, for sharing your story 😔 Shalom


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