Songs of love ~ MYSTIC POET  ~

Songs of love ~ MYSTIC POET ~

“APPROPRIATE SONGS! YOU MIGHT KNOW IT! FROM YOUR SILLY FRIEND, THE MYSTIC POET!” a poem May 25, 2019 (Friday) Our musical selections are: “Lay Lady Lay,” by B. Dylan, “Crazy,” by W. Nelson, The theme from “Les Miserables,” by B. Poledouris, “It’s So Nice To Have A Man About The House,” sung by D. Shore and “Sentimental Journey,” The Les Brown Band.

When ALL your Lady wants to do –
Is: WAIT IN BED, just wait for you,
Vali-DATE-her! with: “Lay Lady Lay,”
And-she-might-jump-out! and-shout: “Hooray,”
Admitting: “You-love-me EVEN IF I just lay around;
Yes, it’s TRUE! LOVE! I’ve-finally-found!”

OR – IF-you’re-just-plain-berserk, outta-your-friggin’-mind,
Just put on “Crazy,” sing-it and un-wind,
And remind Mr. Right – that-you’re-crazy-in-love-over-him,
And that-that’s the reason for your vigor and vim!!
So! It’s HIS FAULT that you’re acting this way,
‘Cause he’s [just] too darned attractive – every day! 🙂 – “Well, yeah!”

And-if-you’re-so-sad, and you just have to sob,
Put on the theme music – from “Les Miserables!”
This music’s – SO-WEEPY! and-AMAZINGLY-SAD,
“Your sad” might-seem-OK, and then you’ll be glad!

Yeah, it’s-occasionally-nice, To-Have-A-Man-Around-The-House,”
But SOMETIMES-Mr.-Right-is-a-downright-louse,
Yet, when you put on this, his “testo-feathers”-‘r-liable-to-stand-right-up,
And you can remind-him-’bout-dinner-out, so you-two-can-go-sup!

Also, “Sentimental Journey” might be [just] the thing when you,
Are-needin’-easy lovin’, with-4-play-t’-set-the moo’ – d
And he’s just actin’ like a ho’ny-ba—-d, who’s-about-to-ignite,
The bed! and YOU! and-most-everything-in-sight!
“Let’s take – a SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY, my Love!” ya-coo-‘n-his-ear,
And-also-whisper: “I love you more than life, my Dear!”
This should pretty much confuse him, as the sweet music plays;
It’ll COOL HIM DOWN, four?someforeplayingways!?
Of course, if none-of-that works, just throw on – ICE WATER,
And he’ll scream quite a lot, just like he aught-a[r]! 🙂 – Yipes! Brrrr!
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