Yesterday ~ Golden & Tarnished memories ➰

“NOSTALGIA!”* a poem for: SUNDAY, July 7, 2019

Ever-miss The Days? of-the BARKING DOG?

And the Corvair car – and lots of “smog,”

And “Silent Spring?”** and “Attica,”

And THAT sad holiday? and RADICA-

L-MILITANTS? on The Courthouse step,

And the-continuing malady of-the-evil-“C HEP?”

And flus (or colds) – and broken toes,

And – a-fine tooth-ache, for goodness’ sake?


Or!? Maybe NOT! Perhaps, “Jealous-God” give-d,

YOU, just the-right-things – to-drive you crazy;

Like: DO YOU REMEMBER, how Grama Mazie,

Frail and moaning, with migraine pain,

Squeezed your hand TOO HARD! and, then-came,

That TERRIBLE QUESTION: “Do-you love-me?”

And-you-hesitated, ’cause-she-was:-DANG SCAR-Y?

And YOU WAITED (for what seemed years) BEFORE YOU SAID:

“OF COURSE, grama!” but, NOW, you’d give,

All you have, for one more try,

To look your grama – in “the eye,”

And say, with SUREST cer-tain-ty,


And-she’d-smile with-glee!

fin <3

  • Nostalgia (n): Missin’ “old stuff!”

** – a book by author Rachel Carson, I think, suggesting chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow were gonna destroy the “natural” environment and we would all be left, living in a putrid waste of environmental proportions! i.e.: The way things are today!

By ace101

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