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the peaceful silent majority do not count …
Worth watching and remembering it is the violent who drive agendas, and there is not the slightest sign in any part of the Islamic world that it is changing.
Be careful what you wish for NZ, and be sure that appeasement will not end up with exactly the opposite of that which we currently enjoy.

We need stand with integrity for our values, the fundamental rights of the individual over the state and group, not abrogate our western values due the action of one deranged individual.

I have always felt tension between judging an ideology based on the conduct of people I meet, versus the overall point and thrust of the ideology, and what exactly is the difference. I had never sorted the question, until now.

The argument in the video clip is the most powerful argument I have ever heard that exactly nails the issue.

The point, all history has had silent majorities, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, communist China, several modern African states, and in several modern Arab states. It is NOT the silent majority that drives the political agenda, is the intense, committed and aggressive members of the ideology that ALWAYS drives the agenda. Typically, the committed are a small minority, often no more that 10% of the total population. Meaning the silent majority can be as high as 90% of the population. That means that interacting with the lovely people from the 90% is a trite and trivial event, since they have nothing to do with the thrust of the ideology. They do not count.

Further, the real danger is that if/when the ideology gets momentum, then those that are the โ€˜silent majorityโ€™, do not stand in its way, they will silently accept the aggression of their cultural brothers and sisters, sit back, and for example, do nothing while people are beheaded on TV. This will be especially prevalent where the ideology shared between the aggressors and extremists and the โ€˜silent majorityโ€™ is of thousands of year duration. Christianity has already seen the exact same thing, via the Inquisition. What is little understood, is how recent the Inquisition with the last people executed in its name was in 1886, and the committee in Rome that orchestrated the Inquisition only disbanded around 1955. It took the Catholic Church 700 years to give up on it push for political control in Christian western society. As estimated 10,000 people were executed over that 700 years, all in the name of God.

To be very specific, interacting with a NZ Muslim, they can/will be charming and gracious. But the thinking is very deeply embedded in their whole psyche, and if the ideology gained traction in NZ, they would not resist it to protect NZ way of life, they would follow the 1500 years of cultural immersion and follow the Islamic path. Watch for yourself, is Muslim demands for acceptance increasing and is the emotion and guilt surrounding it was a deranged white person who committed the murders, being applied to gain increased traction?

A test would be to ask any neighbour โ€ฆ which is the priority in life, Civil Law of NZ, or the law as directed by Allah? Anyone who does not say NZ civil law is a person to be wary of if they forced to make choices directly relating to the question. Like, silently accepting murder by Muslims extremists of 150 Christians in Nigeria.

Hope you choose to think โ€ฆ apply reason and not allow guilt and compassion drive decisions that we may later greatly regret.

Kipling, when all about you โ€ฆ
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too. Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!


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