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Abandoned Japanese Resort

Abandoned Japanese Resort

The Hachijo Royal Hotel was the jewel in the crown of a small volcanic island, Hachijo-jima, which was once known as the “Hawaii of Japan”. According to Ridgeline Images, the island was close enough to Tokyo (178 miles to the south) to make it a convenient vacation spot, yet distant enough that visitors felt as though they were going somewhere. Blending modernism with French Baroque architecture, and incorporating classical design features like fountains and elegant Greek statues, Hachijo Royal Hotel opened in 1963 to an influx of business from Japan’s flourishing middle class, as an economic boom swept the mainland.

Thirty years after it opened, the Hachijo Royal Hotel had begun to decline. As the beaches of Hawaii and Thailand drew an increasing number of Japanese tourists to new pastures, the glorious volcanic sand of Hachijo-Jima quickly lost its appeal, as local holidaymakers flocked in search of something new and exotic. The struggling destination finally closed its doors in 2006. The hot, humid climate and salty air quickly took their toll on the abandoned Hachijo Royal Hotel. The building soon fell into disrepair as the encroaching jungle, which staff had for years kept at bay, consumed the peaceful grounds.
…..the last picture is of the remote island that this abandoned hotel is located…

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