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Today l am starting a series of posts related to My Life to Words & Not the ‘ Word of God. ‘ This may not seem very clear to read this first statement. Still, l believe that people suffer at the hands of other people, not just by ‘ Stick & Stones ‘ but by this statement ‘ But Words Can Never Hurt Me, ‘and l know having traveled this path before God came into My Heart and showed Me the ‘ Path of Righteousness ‘ for his namesake, not Mine – Words Hurt Me ……..

It begins with Birth and who your Earthly Parents are to be – There is a song that says – Will They Be Rich Will They Be Handsome – but for Me, only God knows where You will fit in his Plan, and so You are Born first in his Image – Male or Female – then its The Freewill that brings You down to Earth – Though May l Also Say That Parents Are Ingrained With Words That Can Harm Not Heal ……

So Now as a Child we are to Hopefully be taught ‘ Right from Wrong ‘ and of course that comes from Parents and other Family Members but still do not forget Peoples it can be a single hurtful word – Be it anger be it frustration be it lack of Understanding – These words can go deep and of course as so many walk the path of mankind they walk the wrong way into breaking the ‘ Commandments & Sins ‘ Jesus (Iesu) said break one commandment you break them all – but what of Sin that brings people into breaking these 10 Simple Commandments – That is My Guiding Light Daily and Please this took a lot of ‘ Pain & Heartache ‘ before l came to ‘ Walk the Path of God ‘ not just coming to God and it took many, many years to reach that significance – So l could even write this today …….

So l am no longer a ‘ Child ‘ – ‘ l Am A Man ‘ well to God l am a Child, and many of his children know what is ‘ Right Or Wrong,’ but very often many still do not tell the Truth – God listens to Your Heart and knows before You even speak, so that is being a man – Well l became the Man of the House at 30 yrs of age looking back l knew nothing but at the time l went full tilt into looking after My mum – Well doing My best and making many, many mistakes. Still, l realize Now l was Learning, and God was Teaching in readiness for Me to become part of his plan ….

So now l turn to ‘ Wisdom ‘ not ‘ Wisdom of the Ages or even Age ‘ this was for Me was ‘ Wisdom of the Word ‘ understanding eventually that there was No Right or Wrong with God on the ‘ Path of Righteousness ‘ it becomes one ‘ Word ‘ – Truth – So l say to all who read this introduction to next few posts in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth