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Post: How to Improve WordPress Site

Slow websites are painful — not just when waiting for that recipe to load while balancing a boiling pot and a hungry toddler.

If you own or manage a WordPress site, a slow website can hurt your goals. Visitors will get tired of waiting for pages to load and leave your site without making a purchase or inquiry, and they may not come back to give you a second chance.

But if you’re tired of poor performance, it’s not all gloom and doom. You don’t need to be an expert in web development to make your WordPress website run faster. You don’t need hours of extra time or a considerable budget approval from management.

There are plenty of optimisation strategies that are easy to implement and highly effective! And in many cases, you can install a WordPress plugin to do most of the work.

Below, we’ll look at the leading causes of slow WordPress websites and discuss the importance of prioritising page speed for mobile visitors. Then, we’ll show you how to measure your WordPress site speed and walk you through a 22-step guide to improve it.

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