My Darling English Professor

My Darling English Professor

I have stumbled upon the following line in a book:

“The scenario is totally speculative.

Or is it?”. But, why, after “or”, which means something different should follow. Still, affirmative verb form is used? “Or isn’t?” seems appropriate…

The statement asserts that the scenario is totally speculative.

The following question casts doubt on that statement. Is it really true that the scenario is speculative?

If the word “or” confuses you, let’s just take it out for a minute:

  • – The statement is purely speculative. – Is it?

It has to be “Is it?” here; “Isn’t it?” wouldn’t work.

Is it?” calls into doubt the statement that it is purely speculative.

In other words, maybe it is not purely speculative. So you could also say:

  • The statement is purely speculative. Or maybe not.

From that point of view, “is it” and “maybe not” mean something very similar here; they both cast doubt on the statement and can both be used in a similar way.

“Or is it?” and “Or maybe not” are effectively synonymous.

I think it does.

My last question will be, all those considerations, do they fill natural or rather “called in” by the necessity to address my problem?

I ask because I am still in a position of “a builder still with some bricks at hand that do not fit the holes in the wall”.

Strange that?

Hello, Professor would you please correct this blog today 🕰

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  1. Consider this for a moment ……20 people enter a room to listen or hear a speech after 30-minutes half leave without a word. Another 30-minutes elapse and another half leave, its about now people start talking about what’s being said ….opinions are expressed and comments made ….but the few still listening and not hearing the words being spoken another 30-minutes elapse and just 5-remain and the division between those hearing and the those listening are clear. The five continue to hearing or listening to the speech and after another 30-minutes 3-leave making a comment that they learned nothing and it was a waste of their time ……Now there’s two left and they start asking each other what have you learned and suddenly one says that’s enough l have learned enough ……Its at this stage the speaker looks down and says what have you learned ….the one looks up and says to listen with my ❤️ not my ears and l learned those that believed they have learned enough have closed ears to the truth of what knowledge really means. The speaker says then you truly understand what my speech was all about …..the one says but the title giave it away ……’ Blessed are the Meek as they will Inherit the Knigdom of God ‘ and that’s the real truth of knowledge Amen

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