How little we know ✨✨

Amen πŸ™

As Easter approaches ‘ How Little We Know ‘ of what took place on that fateful day, some call it Good Friday and others a Bank Holiday, but only God knows the truth

So let’s look back upon that day and all that happened before people wrote it their way and understood it in another way. One thing we know is Jesus (Iesu), who we are told died to ‘Save Us All ‘ his way and came to the Earth as the ‘Son of God’, but today, many do not believe he was who he said he was like today on ‘Social Media and the news that is read

So another thing we know is that Jesus (Iesu) is dead, and we are told one day he will come again and bring ‘Good News’ of ‘Peace & Goodwill’ it said for 1,000 yrs allowing us not ever to shed more tears of hurt and pain but joy and gain and love from a man who will come again

So on that day, we can all say this he died and rose again, so his disciples said, and one woman was there who he loved and cared for, and her name was Mary the mother of God, and the reverse of all will be seen once more like the Kingdom of God will rise from the ashes of hurt and despair, and all will be happy and bring joy into their ❀️ that finally, he’s here to lead us once more

So ‘How Little We Know’ and How Much We Must Learn and to end this today all l can say is to πŸ™πŸ™ that all that was promised will be down on this Earth as Heaven will Be Forevermore in YOUR ❀️


By ace101

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