The Life And Days Of Tweedle Dee And Tweddle Dum ๐Ÿ˜

Instead of trying to continually cheer yourself up, and fail badly at it numerous times, perhaps it is time to consider the benefits of anxiety * Less*


She drinks her orange juice every day and has a brew of beans,

He gets right up and reads the news, so he will have the means,

Of swapping information about the latest news, Of deaths, disease and warships, and there is ample booze,

To keep the natives happy;

it doesn’t take a lot:

Just food and clothes and chocolate;

we’re doing what we ought.

To clean and brush and smile and wave; we’re trying to impress,

And keep us busy, entertained, but chocolate treats, I guess, Is currency around the world,

what we are striving for,

To keep us going,

not sophisticated;

we’re simply at the core,

But wish to be mysterious,

with excellent philosophy,

We adopt strange agendas but giggle merrily.

A profound business model,

a little splash of tea,

With crumpets and a social chat;

there is not much to see,

Unless we get disgruntled, then war and treatment strikes,

And mental health’s affected;

we’re searching for more likes,

To justify what we have done and keep our lives intact,

We barely walk and strive to soar, then tear a chocolate pack.

If he can have a bit of sweet indulgence, he’ll stand down;

If she can get a little bite of chocolate, there’s no frown.

The smartest geek is satisfied with one more chocolate bar,

And Vikings who will so indulge will not go very far,

So only pure we all are;

we’re born, we live; then die,

In a chocolate world, I say;

here’s chocolate in your eye.
Oh, no, this world is complex:

Pollution and Star Travel, And Higher Education. 

Watch society unravel,

Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Interaction, International Affairs, each Middle Eastern faction, And Higher Level Conscious, but, with some clarity, Chocolate’s more important, I think, in history.

She is on her deathbed, and tears come streaming down, He is meditating; Nirvana’s where he’s bound, Arms negotiation, of paramount concern, Earthquakes, famine, pestilence, but this is what we learn:

If I show up at each event with chocolate in my hand, Things all pause and smiles come; now, do you understand?

This world is ridiculous, and nothing’s far away, From just one bite of chocolate to make a better day,

The problem is in the next moment, things get hard again,

And we return to our concerns; it’s always where we’ve been,

Addicted to some smoking, chocolate or a smile,

Or I am writing chocolate poetry in simple, silly style.๐Ÿ˜