Wisdom ©️

Many have said that happiness is an inside job, but be sure to put some emphasis on the word “job”. First, accept that you have responsibility in your own happiness. Stop blaming the world, your past, bad luck or other people. Accept the fact that you have some power and choices in your life. Then begin to use your power and choices. Happiness takes practice. It starts with deciding that such a thing even exists, or can exist for you. Then you have to decide that you should have some. Then you have to start looking for it. Chances are that you have opportunities for happiness right under your nose that you haven’t even noticed. When we become open to happiness and are more mindful, we begin to notice happiness in moments. Happiness is not a permanent state. Happiness is not a thing we achieve. We do not find the secret to happiness, and then everything is just great. Happiness comes in moments, between sad moments and everyday ordinary moments. Happiness is there for you to notice and reach for and touch. If you want to be happy you must become a happiness seeker. You have to think about happiness, look for the happiness, seize the happiness and believe with all of your heart that you deserve happiness. Happiness comes in moments, between sad moments and any other day moments. So true. After sadness happiness focus its light and appears suddenly as seeing or crossing anything in our way that cheers us inside. It changes our mood perfectly and let us feel grateful and joyful in the heart. We see everything wonderful! Share this with someone you love and be blessed! Peace ✌️