Willy Wonka Rides Again 😂😁


“THE WRONG QUESTION?” a poem, a.k.a.: “WWJD?” a.k.a.: “Jesus’ Consideration Of The Kosher Dill.” November 13, 2019 (Wednesday)

“I wanna be just like Jesus? So, ‘HOW WOULD JESUS DO IT?’ “

Well, would He really EVER ask THAT question;* how would he get ’round tuit?

Perhaps, He’d take himself something ROUND, about as big as The Earth,

And He’dGoThere, preaching about the mysteries, like the one about “second birth;”

He’d have himself a GOOD TIME, trying to do “God’s? Will,”

And finally figuring about? what we don’t (really even) know STILL,

That taking someone’s example does NOT mean cleverly quoting,

Someone else who’s giving you answers? (THERE’S NEVER A SUGAR COATING,


He would probably say: “How should I do it?” He would not look to YOU,

Or ME or ANYONE ELSE; He’d figure it out ALL ALONE.

So, when YOU have a project, and YOU are “considering the bone,”

Even if you’re with a multitude, YOU figure THE BEST WAY,

Considering all the information (you have), and, then, you might want to say:

“Given all that I DO KNOW? which seems to have been given me,

I’m gonna do it LIKE THIS, and, if I do, I’LL SEE,

HOW IT WORKS OUT. and, if someone else does NOT like it, well,

I will tell the bloody sot to simply (pause)


fin <3

* – Some people like to ask the question: “What Would Jesus Do?” [WWJD] whenever they make a decision. Of course, this is fine. No problem. Everyone needs to approach situations in a way they like, I think. A question I sometimes ask, if I ask any question to myself at all, having asked the question WWJD for years, is: “What Would Seem Reasonable For Me To Do Now?” or I will just do something and figure, in the long run, whatever I do, whether I go right or left, wait or get right to IT, whatever, at least I will have DONE SOMETHING or I’ll just wait. That’s fine too. Not being able to make decisions at all is a situation some people have. At some point, you might even be simply forced to DO SOMETHING. Life is strange. 🙂

Willy Wonka at it again 😅😁🤣