“WIGGLING WITH MIRTH!” a poem a.k.a.: “Giggling With Mirth!” and/or “BUILD ME UP, Buttercup!” 27 April 2019 (Saturday)

“WIGGLING WITH MIRTH!” a poem a.k.a.: “Giggling With Mirth!” and/or “BUILD ME UP, Buttercup!” 27 April 2019 (Saturday)

A girl named Buttercup liked-pumping-iron-a-lot!
She-just-loved-“body-building!” Steroids She-never-bought,
‘Cause She wanted it NATURAL!? No chemical “push,”
But, She liked-gettin’-“the-burn,” especially-in-Her-tush!!
It was A RUSH! It was-such-a-thrill;
But-She’d-never-agree to-take-Her-a-pill!
Yet, ONE DAY SHE DISCOVERED: [that] Laughter-did-the-Trick!
She-could quickly-giggle-to-twice-Her-size; it-was-a-real-“kick!”
So, with weights and a chuckle, She rose in The Ranks,
Becoming-“BUFFily-adorable!” Impressing-[both]-Arnolds-and-Franks!
But at some point, SHE WAS IMMENSE – and decided to CUT BACK,
So-She-figured-She’d: meet-a-boy-fall-in-love-and, then, suffer-[a]-heart-attack;
Well, not really an-ATTACK! More-like [you-know] a-broken-heart!
She was sure THE SADNESS would come, when-they-would-finally-have-to-part,
And, then She’d-get-smaller, and-that might be better!
[Anyway! So, now, here-we-are, waiting-with-Her! Who’s She gonna Net-Her?]
She waited, buff and beautiful, for many-a-year,
Waiting for The One – who would help-her shed a tear,
And reduce Her bulk a bit – So She’d achieve “a perfect size?!”
Then, one day, Mr. Right arrived! Right there, before Her eyes!!
He loved Her! They fell in love;
A-match-in-“The-Ground-of-Being,” whether-Below-or-Above?!
But, try as She might, She just couldn’t get her heart to break,
Since, however She was, He adored Her, like birthday cake!
He-LOVED-Her-every-flavor – and-BIG-CAKE-was-more-than-fine,
And smaller cake was good too – and it-was-never-“a line!”
IF She got big as a house, He lived in Her all right;
IF, for some reason, She got tinier, He still adored Her with all his might!
He just: made Her laugh! and-accepted-Her-totally, without-ever-being-terse!
You know, as She expanded, laughing and loving all the while,
He kept up with Her (by golly!) – coaxing-Her-Wonderful-Smile,
For, she found that-He-was The-Ground-of-Existence,***
And She! [was] The Ever-Expanding Light of Loving Persistence!
So, as much as She grew, He accommodated Her ALL,
And THAT! is “The-Theory-of-The-Expanding-Universe – without-any-“firewall!”
fin <3

* – famous body-builder/actor Arnold Schwarzenegger!
** – famous body-builder, who defeated Arnold in competition a time or two!


“Love expands into an infinite NIGHT – – – and causes DAY to break, as angels take flight!” The Mystic Poet.

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