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“ART!” a poem, dedicated to Randy and Annie who have come to visit from “across the seas!” July 30, 2019 (Tuesday)

We’re-all amazing WORKS of ART, like paintings in the frame,

&-as-with-paintings, we-have-our-preferences! (pause) Sometimes, they-aren’t-the same!

Some-paintings, considered-“fine-art,” you-look-at-and-say: “Ugh,”

And-OTHERS, you-just-got-ta-have, although-friends-say: “It’s-a-bug!”

But, YOU-say: “NO! (pause) It’s-a-beautiful (pause) sunset-in-Ber-muda,”

And some of us are Christian,* while others love The Buddha!**

Some paintings-just-LOVE to-be-together-as-a-pair,

While-others engage in orgies, (pause) mass-exhibitions in-the-night-air!***

Yes, we-are fine WORKS of ART, painted-by-a-mysterious-hand!

Some of us gather a lot of dust, and some don’t under-stand,

Why-more-folks-are-not-interested – in checking-out their dis-play,

So, some wish they had been painted – perhaps some other way!

Yet-we-are-still-all “FINE ART,” different-styles-textures-[and]-sizes!

I know some that hang in huge galleries, having won International prizes,

And have been credit-ed to-“great”-“artists,” people-who-have-died!

Many paintings simply “run!” Suffering-sadness, they-have-cried!

Yet, whether-happy-sad-alone-or-together, each work is [quite] unique,

And every art-piece-is-beautiful, with “strong” points and-some-weak!

So, hang with pride, my artful friends and we’ll all get along,


We-re-also each a-song!

fin ♥

  • – like my friends Randy & Annie

** – like my friend Robin

*** – like “full Moon” madness ceremonies of Wiccans!!

By ace101

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