“VISITATION WITHOUT CONSIDERATION!” a poem September 8, 2019 (Sunday)

“VISITATION WITHOUT CONSIDERATION!” a poem September 8, 2019 (Sunday)

Floyd visited OUR site, upon a recommendation from his-son,

Who thought it had THE GREATEST poetry ever written, bar-none!

Of course, there’s the age difference, but Floyd thought it-was “TRASH!”

And he complained-to Tumblr-and-WordPress, saying: “I think you should BASH –

That site – and get it off the blazing web!”

Anyway, so that’s-about -all-that-Floyd (although NOT-his-son) hath said!

We later contacted Floyd, to-ask-him if he clicked-on (or-bought-on) any ads on the site!

“Heck, NO!” said Floyd; “I didn’t even notice any ads! All right?”

“Well,” we said; “do us a favor! Go back IN –

And, at-least, click on an-ad-or-two – Please! Just go try-it-again!

So, believe-it-or-not FLOYD RETURNED – to “The Scene of The Crime,”

And ACTUALLY clicked! on-a-ad about “Sudsy,” a detergent to erase grime!

AND – lo-and-behold,

THEN, he started reading the poetry once more,



“Did you change the poetry?” he asked, later that day!

“No,” said we, “but YOU-MIGHT-FIND; yes, you may:

That (Moral:) “If you TAKE SOMETHING-for-NOTHING, when you know it has merit,

Your soul will not enjoy it!”

Would-you -like-to-have-a-carrot?

Carrots are ORANGE! Your eyes are SO-BLUE!*

Don’t be such-a-cheapskate! It-might-be BETTER FOR-YOU!”

fin ♥

  • – complementary colors: orange and blue! AND carrots have vitamin A, which is supposedly good for your eyes! Yay! Get it? Whoopee! 🙂 -Yup!