Venus conversed with Satin ~ 🤪

“TWOO WUVs WUVVING STAIRW!” a poem July 28, 2019 (Sunday)

It’s twoo! It’s twoo! a’d-awahther-be witch-chou,

In- H – L Lw, sweet ne wa Than anyweh else-witch-out-chew,

Fo’ witch out chew wife wood be swo empty – & kinda boe – ing, so (pause) hoe-d on m-a-Luv t-ma hand,

An’ we go on dee ad-vencha too dee pwomissed wand,

An’ whoooo knooooo-ooz what awaits us too,

Me’ n’yoo,

B’peace? Peace – herwe? Maybenot,

Fo’ “I came-t’-bwing division”* or uno,

‘Tis up to each juan yoo-know?

Wee awl dee-cide,

If we wanna coe-rt’-da sun or hide,

Yet hiding eentually gives out,

Fo’dasun shines, too-stout,

And ‘ventually melts – everything down,

To expose each’n – evewy fwown,

&-awl Tings here or Dere, waid – bawre,

Wiwll twembo beneaf




fin <3

  • – a declaration of The Nazarene?

    By ace101

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