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“YOU CAN RUN, JOBETH, BUT WE BID YOU NOT HIDE.” a poem to our retiring pastor from The Choir, written: October 24, 2019 (Thurs.) posted: October 26, 2019 (Sat.) to be delivered: October 27, 2019 (Sun.)

HERE she is; THERE she goes;

She’s heading out, and I suppose,

ThereAre some tears, in everyone’s eyes;

WHAT SHALL WE DO? We’ll sympathize,

ANdBeGENTLE, regardingHERdecision toTakeRetiringFLIGHT?

Halloween REALLYis sometimes something of a fright;

She MIGHT THINK atTimes that she’s “getting away,”


As with Jesus, on that Easter mo[u]rn,

OUT OF THE TOMB we know he was BORN;

Born to be an Undead Choir Leader, yet “follow” ALL, (pause)

WhoLEAVEthePriesthood; we shall always listenForYOURcall. (pause)

OurHearts are ever with you, JoBeth, so expect us to be flying YOUR WAY.

We might “follow” your car, as you’re attempting to exeunt that day;

We might appear at night, wherever your blessed head may lay,

Vampire choir conductor ๐Ÿค—

For “Where two or more ghouls assemble – – – ,” (pause) we shall sing & also pray,

That we don’t HUNGER FOR YOU too very bad,

‘Cause your leavin’ here has made us so darned sad,

So, from THE CHOIR, from David&Linda, Ellen, ME (Vlad),

Don&Carol, Nelson, Silver andEspecially “MAD,”

We’ll be “watching your back” and also your neck.

We’ll plan to visit often; Heh, heh. You say: “What the heck.”

fin <3

Yes, we’ve come OUT OF THE CLOSET; we’re “The VampireZombieChoirBand;”

ExpectToHearUsForeverSinging, especially atHalloween inTheAir throughoutTheLand.

Vampire ๐Ÿง› Choir

By ace101

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