Used to be ~

“USED TO BE!” a poem 11 July 2019 (Thor’s Day!)

I USED-TO-BE so-sure that-what-I-thought-&-said-was-true,

That I-would-have-kissed my bloody arse –

And-urged-you to-do-it-too!

But, THEN! I-got-a-“wake-up-call,” sayin’: “I-was-FULL-of- –IT,”

And, so – I-decided it-made-a-lot-o’-sense to-LOOSEN-UP, a-bit!

I-realized: POM-POSITY -is-a-trait best-kept-to-your-self,

Or – (Yup!) You-can “file-it” on the highest shelf,

Or – You-can-“trash-it” with-a-deposit in: good-ol’ FILE 13!*

Or – FLUSH-IT-down-the-toilet, where-it’s-stinky-brown-&-green!

It-deserves (I-think) to-go-where where-it’s-stinky-&-you-wanna-“heave!”

MY OPINION? Well, “in-my-opinion”- I-think-it’s-best-to-leave,

IT ALONE, unless someone pitifully-pleads-me for’t,

Or – offers-me-BIG-BUCKS! (pause) However, I’m-the-sort,

To SUGGEST! that you follow the opinion that YOU HAVE,

And leave me in my misery, as-I-lib’rally-apply-some-“salve,”

To my “damaged self” which-houses – an-all-too-fragile Ee – GO!

Let your “YES” BE “YES,”


And hope your-“NO”


fin <3

By ace101

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